Virtualize your environments

Realize savings and gain flexibility
The virtualization divides the system in parts to create multiple virtual environments on a single server.

Virtualization Readyon our offers for dedicated servers


The profits are common in different virtualization solutions.
However, there are variations in features and specificities. Ikoula recommends the deployment of the following technologies:

Xen     VMWare     Hyper-V

The benefits of virtualization
  • Flexibility

    Instead of subscribing to X virtual machines, you can rent a single physical server and then create your customized virtual instances. Each can have a different IP, to have hardware features and unique systems and very specific uses.

  • High Availability

    You can save, move and restore a virtual machine to new hardware without any redeployment system, application and data. Just reinstall the new server with a hypervisor and it will be capable of accommodating any VM already created with this technology.

  • Ecology

    Reduction in number of servers, equals energy saving. The virtualization can bring a significant advantage by consolidating multiple machines on a single platform. By opting for virtualization, you participate in reducing the waste of energy, both in terms of server power supply and of room refrigeration.

Which are the technologies and resources?Overview of the maximum number of virtual machines that you can create on your server.

Windows Standard license
Edition 2008 R2 and 2012 Included the use of a host and a Windows virtual machine, the equivalent or lower edition (Standard or Web). Beyond that, additional licenses are required per instance.
Windows DataCenter license
Edition 2008 R2 and 2012 included the use of an unlimited number of Windows licenses within VMs.

Operating systemWindowsLinuxWindows Linux
8 GB RAM115815
16 GB RAM1301630
32 GB RAM1603260
64 GB RAM112064120
You have the possibility to order up to 4 additional IPs. For more of them, please contact our sales department at or 01 84 01 02 50.
Note: indicative values depending on the level of RAM, is at least 1 GB for Windows and 512 MB for Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 and Fedora 17 require 1 GB of RAM).