Serveurs VPS 3CX

Your 3cx solution hosted in our professionnal
and secured datacenter

3CX is an ultra-complete communication and collaboration solution, designed for businesses. It supports calls via VoIP or the public switched telephone network (PSTN), video, as well as "Chat" conversations.IKOULA offers VPS integrating the 3CX solution pre-installed, for users who already have a registered license. IKOULA does not provide 3CX licences or SIP Trunk.

3CX SolutionUnified communication tools in high availability on a virtual private server



Up to 10 users

  • Processor : 1 CPU
  • RAM : 1 GB
  • Hard Disk : 30 GB SSD
  • Backup : 5 GB Backup*
  • 3CX Pre-installed : Yes
  • Firewall : Included
  • QoS : Yes
  • FREE Setup


Up to 50 users

  • Processor : 4 CPU
  • RAM : 4 GB
  • Hard Disk : 100 Gb SSD
  • Backup : 5 Gb Backup*
  • 3CX Pre-installed : Yes
  • Firewall : Included
  • QoS : Oui
  • FREE Setup


Up to 250 users

  • Processor : 6 CPU
  • RAM : 8 GB
  • Hard Disk : 300 GB SSD
  • Backup : 5 GB Backup*
  • 3CX Pre-installed : Yes
  • Firewall : Included
  • QoS : Yes
  • FREE Setup
*BACKUP : + €0,42 EX.VAT/MONTH per additional GB.

Why host your 3CX solution on an IKOULA VPS?
  • A pre-installed versatile solution

    3CX is an ultra-complete solution supporting VoIP, PSTN, fax, a chat service, but also video calls.

  • 3CX provides optimized QoS

    QoS (Quality of Service) refers to the fact of differentiating traffic according to different pre-established rules in order to apply optimized behavior to it. More concretely, these rules make it possible to prioritize the network of your VPS and to distribute it as well as possible by carrying out a prioritization, a filtering or a control of the authorized bandwidth, in order to guarantee a good quality of the network for your 3CX solution.

  • Backup and Firewall included in your VPS

    IKOULA VPS guarantee the safety of your infrastructure thanks to a directly integrated firewall, as well as 5GB of backup to secure your data (additional backup volume available as an option).

  • Choose your server location

    Choose between the 2 IKOULA datacenters to host your 3CX solution, or choose to duplicate your VPS in our two datacenters, in order to benefit a perfect redundancy of your services. Thus, you ensure the continuity of your activity in the case of a malfunction or breakdown.

  • Hardware independence

    Freed from the hardware management (Raid, SWAP, I/O Data) handled by our experts. You may benefit the advantages of a dedicated server while remaining an administrator with full access.

  • Our experts at the service of your infrastructure

    If necessary, our technical experts are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our datacenters to be able to intervene on your machines in a very short time.

Why choose a 3CX VPS ?
  • Communicate
    • Internally or externally through all the channels used in companies
  • Protect
    • Your infrastructure thanks to the integrated Firewall and the 5GB backup included in the offer
  • Enjoy
    • A QoS that prioritizes 3CX traffic on the network