XenApp ™

Your virtual applications administered by the Ikoula cloud

XenApp is part of the Xen® family products by CITRIX™XenApp is the solution for the provision of virtual applications, delivering Windows-based applications to employees on any device and in any place. By centralizing the control with XenApp, you offer your team the freedom of mobility, while improving the security and while reducing the costs.

Benefits and features virtual applications with XenApp

  • Productivity with Windows applications on-demand

    XenApp gives autonomy to employees through five generations of Windows applications to use it on the device of their choice. XenApp reduces as well the transaction period of client/server applications up to 300% and enables people to be more productive with their company applications.

  • Take charge of BYOD devices in comfort

    Meet the growing demand for BYOD initiatives, by issuing applications and positions as a service on-demand provisioned in real time - saving in this way hours of work needed for the preparation of the traditional hardware.

  • Offer secure access and reduce the risk of data loss

    Centralize the applications in the datacenter to protect intellectual property and private and sensitive information. XenApp allows the application of a granular access policy, which reduces the risk of data loss or intrusion via non-secure connections and VPN holes.

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of applications managing.

    Reduce the cost of application managing up to 90% by rationalizing the application deployment and the life cycle management. XenApp helps you to evolve your skills based on the needs of your activity and simplifies the continuity of the activity by allowing you to host applications in redundant datacenters.

Deployment scheme
schema de deploiement

XenApp in the public/private cloud

Once the configuration setting is up in the public / private cloud interface, you have access to an interface called 'Citrix Studio' which will allow you to grant users access to applications and/or offices on some of the VM from a catalogue. Citrix Studio will then start and stop the instances in question, according to demand (if a user connects, disconnects, etc).

from now on deploy Xen APP with the public cloud