ZIMBRA CONNECT, the dedicated
collaboration tool for businesses

Keep your team connected with the ZIMBRA CONNECT solution

Ensuring good internal communication is essential for companies, especially with the growth of teleworking and increasingly mobile teams. Consequently, they need high-performance professional tools, capable of creating and maintaining links between all employees.

By implementing ZIMBRA CONNECT, companies allow all their employees to access a reliable internal chat system, which optimises teamwork. They will now be able to communicate and collaborate via an intuitive interface, regardless of their geographical location. The functionality offered by ZIMBRA CONNECT guarantees an excellent user experience:

What are the features of ZIMBRA Connect ?

  • Individual or group chat

  • File sharing

  • Screen sharing

  • Group video conferencing

  • Attendance manager

  • Tracking system for receiving and reading messages

  • History of conversations and shared files

ZIMBRA CONNECT also has many advantages in back office terms:

  • No special configuration required
  • Easy installation via a package manager
  • Built-in TURN server compatibility
  • Peer-to-Peer WebRTC protocol to avoid server overload
  • COS and user availability
  • Log audit
Screenshots ZIMBRA CONNECT, the collaboration tool dedicated to companies