ZIMBRA DRIVE: the file sharing and
storage solution for companies

Simplify the way you store and share your files with ZIMBRA DRIVE

ZIMBRA DRIVE is a complete file sharing and storage solution, accessible from the Zimbra web client, and created to improve collaborative working within your company.

At this time of working remotely and using personal computer equipment for professional purposes, the risks of seeing your company's data corrupted increase drastically. In addition to a backup solution, it is essential to use reliable and professional tools to enable employees to share company files and information completely securely.

ZIMBRA DRIVE, available with ZIMBRA DOCS, guarantees exactly this security: a single point of access and an intuitive interface for sharing and storing files in real time, with no risk of external interference - your data is stored within your private mail servers.

What are the features of Zimbra Drive ?

  • file import, download and management

  • an intuitive interface

  • integration with the ZIMBRA environment

  • adding customised notes to documents

  • internal or external file sharing

  • improved file search system

In back office terms, ZIMBRA DRIVE can be connected to other external products, such as Nextcloud or ownCloud. ZIMBRA DRIVE consists of three parts (Zimbra Extension, Zimlet and Cloud APP) and integrates external storage services and an authentication system within the Zimbra web interface.