Boost your productivity and control your costs, by centralizing
your collaborative tools into a single open-source solution,
hosted in France.

With ZIMBRA, start to avoid losing time multiplying emails, calendars, or file’s sharing solutions. You can now manage your email accounts from one single interface on your customer account.

Read your emails on any terminal or on the web client. And as we are not always in front of our desktop, ZIMBRA also has a mobile version optimized for tactile screens. With a large panel of features running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, ZIMBRA is the best known open-source and versatile collaborative suit. Zimbra will fit to your needs by respecting your budget.
Zimbra Partner

ZIMBRA by IKOULAFor an easy management of your email accounts and a better collaborative work.



per Mailbox

  • 2 GB of storage (1)
  • POP, IMAP, SMTP messaging
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Mobile Web Client
  • Anti-virus (ClamAV)
  • Anti-spam
  • DKIM Signature (3)
  • Backup & Restore (4)
Number of box(es) :


per Mailbox

  • 5 GB of storage (1)
  • Pack BASIC
  • Local calendar
Number of box(es) :


per Mailbox

  • 10 GB of storage (1)
  • Groups’ calendars
  • Overview of attachments
  • Tag emails for quick sort
Number of box(es) :


per Mailbox

  • 20 GB of storage (1)
  • Pack Pro
  • Outlook mapi connector
  • Mobile Synchronization
  • Double authentification (2)
    Number of box(es) :

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    (1) Possibility of increasing the volume of your email account for €1.08 ex.VAT per additional GB
    (2) All the details on https://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Zimbra_Two-factor_authentication & https://blog.zimbra.com/2016/02/zimbra-collaboration-8-7-two-factor-authentication-2fa-technical-preview/
    (3) DKIM provides a method for validating a domain name identity that is associated with a message through cryptographic authentication
    (4) Backup & Restore (messaging only) – 30 days.

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    ZIMBRA COLLABORATION NETWORK EDITIONAn open-source and complete collaborative suit offering a large panel of features respecting,
    equivalent to the best-known offers on the market.

    Zimbra WebmailZimbra WebmailZimbra Webmail
    Zimbra Webmail

    An efficient and collaborative solution that helps you to improve your productivity.

    Key elements for any business - whether it is a small or medium-sized business or a large organization - collaborative messaging is one of the IT tools that should not be overlooked. Comprising very comprehensive features, such as email, calendar, and address book, Zimbra is positioned as the best possible choice for businesses and professionals.

    • Messaging
    • Personalized distribution list
    • Anti-virus
    • Backups restore
    • Zimbra Mobile for Smartphones
    • Offline mode (Chrome - Firefox) or Zimbra Desktop
    • Outlook for Mac (Exchange Web Services)
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    Enter the name of the space, the subject and add participants.
    Zimbra Connect

    ZIMBRA Connect is a Chat solution and more. Your teams would be able to share and collaborate on a single tool. Moreover, control your expenses thanks to the user license system.

    • Private or group’s chats
    • Files sharing
    • Screen sharing
    • Groups video conferences
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    You can upload files and share them with other users.Zimbra driveZimbra drive
    Zimbra Drive

    ZIMBRA Drive is a complete solution to store and share files in order to improve your collaborative work. ZIMBRA Drive has features as:

    • Download and manage files
    • Add personal comments on files
    • Internal or external sharing of files
    • Improved file’s search system
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    Documents in Zimbra Drive can be edited and modified by Zimbra Docs.A new Zimbra tab opens with the document to edit.Zimbra DOCS is based on Libre Office, you can edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
    Zimbra Docs

    ZIMBRA Docs allows you to create, edit and share documents. But also create presentations. ZIMBRA Docs has many features:

    • ZIMBRA Writer : An integrated text editor
    • ZIMBRA Calc : A spreadsheet including all the features
    • ZIMBRA Impress : To create fancy presentation directly on ZIMBRA
    • ZIMBRA Briefcase : To create, import or export files into or from ZIMBRA and share all types of files to ease the collaborative work.
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    Why choose ZIMBRA® by IKOULA :
    • Simplified management & access

      Access all your email accounts through a single interface, via webmail or email client

    • Hosted in France

      Protect your data, in compliance with European and French laws


      Synchronization with your mobile devices

    • BACKUP

      Data are saved every day


      Create as many email inboxes that you want between 1 and 50.


      Upgrade your offer when you want

    How to migrate from Office 365 to ZIMBRA

    Technical characteristics of our Zimbra offersA wide choice of features to personalize your Email




    Personalized mailing lists
    Global Address List (GAL)
    POP and IMAP Email
    CardDAV, iCal and CalDAV Clients
    Offline Mode (Chrome – Firefox) or Zimbra Desktop
    Client Web Mobile
    « Zimbra Touch Client » Client for tablets and smartphones
    Pop/Imap Email, CardDAV Contacts CalDAV Calendars for smartphones
    Display by conversations
    Searches in attachments
    Advances search form
    Files preview
    Planning (groups and resources)
    Interoperability MS Exchange (Free-Busy)
    Folder – Zimbra Drive
    Office suite - Zimbra Docs
    Outlook for Mac (Exchange Web Services)
    Zimbra Mobile for Smartphones (ActiveSync iOS, Android, Windows)
    Video conference, screen and files sharing - Zimbra Connect

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    Your questions about Zimbra
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    What is Zimbra?
    Zimbra is a collaborative suite designed especially for businesses, including messaging, internal chat, document sharing tool and office software. Easy to use, Zimbra allows you to synchronize all your accounts with your mobile devices, and to access all of your documents from an email client or from Webmail.
    Why choose Zimbra?
    Zimbra Email and Business Collaboration Suite brings all of the calendar, file sharing and emailing tools and software essential to today's businesses in one place. Open-source, Zimbra offers a wide choice of features, compatible with all operating systems and can be personalized according to the choices and habits of each employee. Third parties such as Slack, Zoom or Dropbox can be integrated, while billing is done per consumption, for a controlled budget. Zimbra therefore knows how to adapt to all professional activities and all budgets.

    Zimbra relies on the reliability of IKOULA's infrastructures and is hosted in France, in order to guarantee companies data protected by European and French laws.
    How to use Zimbra?
    To use Zimbra, all you need to do is create a Zimbra email account. Go to your IKOULA customer account or register on https://commande.ikoula.com. Select the "manage domains" menu to add the domain of your future email address, then once this domain has been created by selecting "add domain", click on "new account" and follow the procedure for creating an email account.

    Then, you can customize your Zimbra account according to your needs and objectives, configure your calendar, import your professional contacts, or even create your shared folders and documents.
    How to block an email address on Zimbra?
    To block an email address from your Zimbra email account, simply go to the "Preferences" tab, then click on the "Mail" tab. Once here, go to the "Spam Options" section, then enter the email address you want to block. Then all you have to do is click on "Add" then on "Save" at the top left, to validate the request.
    How to archive your emails on Zimbra?
    Your Zimbra email account may have a maximum storage size, and require archiving after a certain retention period of emails in order to stay below the allowed quota, and thus free up storage space. To do this, you can delete unnecessary emails, or save and archive these messages offline in a local folder on your own workstation. To do this, create a sub-folder in the “Local Folder” part of the general menu of your messaging system, and simply drag the emails and the complete folders to archive. Messages archived in this way are no longer accessible from Zimbra servers and can only be accessed from your local workstation.

    A backup of Zimbra accounts and their content is performed automatically every 24 hours by IKOULA. The restoration of the elements from this backup will be subject to invoicing according to the rates in force.
    How do I log into Zimbra?
    There are two ways to connect to your Zimbra collaborative and messaging suite. One, from the Zimbra interface, where you need to enter your work email address as well as your current password. The other way is to log in from your Webmail accessible from all Internet browsers. From there you will also need to enter your professional email address and password to access your email as well as all of your documents and files saved using the collaborative suite.
    How do I create an account on Zimbra?
    To create a new Zimbra account and therefore a new mailbox for one of your employees, for example, simply go to your IKOULA customer account or register on https://commande.ikoula.com .Beforehand, make sure you have added a domain to your customer account, by selecting the "Manage domains" menu from the main menu.

    Select the domain for which you want to create a Zimbra account, then click on "New Account", and fill in the requested fields. Your new Zimbra account will then appear in the list of available accounts, and can be modified or deleted using the control buttons available at the end of each line.
    How to print an email in Zimbra?
    To print an email in Zimbra, several solutions are possible. You can select the desired email, then right-click with your mouse to open a new tab with a preview of the email, as well as a control panel to choose your printer.

    Always by selecting the desired email beforehand, you can print it quickly by simply clicking on the "Actions" button or by using the shortcut "p" on your keyboard
    How do I recover my Zimbra password?
    If a user enters the wrong password 5 times within 30 minutes, the account will be locked for 30 minutes.
    To recover your password, you must click on "forgot password" in order to obtain a link to reset the password.
    Zimbra messaging use case
    Why use an open source messaging solution like zimbra?
    Zimbra: the leader in open source messaging
    How to configure an Exchange account?