Big Data

Supervision and outsourcing of your Hadoop cluster

The power of Mongo DB or Hadoop combined with the simplicity of the Cloud
Ikoula accompanies you in the deployment of your so-called data Big Data, whether structured or non-structured, on the web or in your business applications. To store and handle these large amounts of data, the cloud of Ikoula with distributions Hadoop scripts, allow you to easy integration in your if.

  • Hadoop


    Emblème par excellence of Big Data, Hadoop is a specific architecture of databases, to deal in large numbers all data types (including unstructured data). They say it is organised on a relational mode, that is, the data is not sorted on the basis of their relations between them. It is somehow the library from which we can perform calculations parallel (via MapReduce), knowing that these data are distributed (that is, Hadoop ' recovers them' from various sources).

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  • Mongo DB


    MongoDB, the 1st database NoSQL when queries are made in a programming language which is not limited to SQL. The latter is indeed the most used language for data treatments but its sometimes too strict definition standards, are not suitable for massive and unstructured data. Suddenly, some requests are made independently of these standards and therefore own language, what makes say to some one switches to the NoSQL (literally: "beyond the SQL"). So it is almost impossible to define the NoSQL according to a corpus of rules since it represents precisely the postage from an established order.

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  • expertise

    Support in the deployment of your Hadoop and Mongo DB infrastructure in public or private cloud.

  • automated deployment

    Deployment Plugin (Zabbix) dedicated to the MongoDB monitoring. And possibility of deploy through compatible API.

  • supervision and facilities management

    Maintenance and monitoring of your servers H24 and 7j/7 platforms. Thin supervision of your trades and security auditing applications

  • payment to the use

    Invoicing at the time, and ability to start and stop instances at any time.

  • SSD hard drives

    speed up your access with utilization at the request of SSD storage, thanks to the different sizes of Cloud instances public.

  • extranet

    Ikoula provides a Dashboard with a summary of the State services and the execution of Jobs. This Dashboard is extensible through APIs.

Monitoring Cluster

  • big data
    for rapid deployments of virtual clusters Hadoop complete. Simplicity, power, intuitive interface, API (Whirr, Chef, Puppet, Ansible...)
  • big data
    Bénéficiez de la puissance du Cloud ikoula pour externaliser vos workloads Hadoop(en Cloud public, Cloud privé ou hybrides). Dedicated platforms on powerful servers also available.
  • big data
    for rapid deployments of clusters virtual complete mongoDB (Sharding, Replication, Distribution over multiple areas). Simplicity, power, intuitive interface, deployment API and configuration (Chief, Puppet, Ansible...)

Deployment Cluster in Cloud Ikoula patterns

  • big data
    metric services Hadoop
  • big data
    metric NameNode, JobTracker: "Numer of Nodes in hadoop Cluster", "Occupied Map Slots", "Reduce Task Capacity"...
  • big data
    metric machine
  • big data
    Métriques mongoDB: "Is Mongo Server Part of a ReplicateSet", "Sharding: Total Number of Shards", "opCounters: Total Commands in last 1 Minute"...