Outsourcing FIRST level

Entrust the complete management of your machines to experts

To free itself from technical constraints and benefit from the support of experts, IKOULA offers companies a complete outsourcing offer, divided into 4 service levels according to the type of infrastructure and the needs encountered.
The FIRST level is the 4th level of IKOULA outsourcing service and the most complete. Thanks to him, the company entrusts the management of its infrastructure in full, and can thus refocus on its core business, while controlling its costs. With this level of service, and via precise specifications, IKOULA offers companies, among other things, customer support at all times with the support of a dedicated sales engineer and technical expert, as well as full support for the system administration part, system, network and hardware supervision with reports, management of alerts and interventions, but also backups and restorations. The outsourcing teams also remain proactive and proactive in the development of infrastructure and equipment.
With the FIRST level, companies also benefit from the IKOULA advantages, namely multilingual teams, present within the datacenters, and available 24/7 by email or by phone for any questions.

Discover FIRST levels of IKOULA outsourcing

LIBERTY LevelCustomer Support
and Hardware Guarantee
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Outsourcing PRIME LEVEL
PRIME LevelLiberty Level
+ Supervision and Audit
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BUSINESS LevelPrime Level
+ Personalisation of Procedures and Supervision + Backup
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FIRST LevelBusiness Level
+ Complete Managed Services consulting, development, rechnical management, etc.)
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Personalised support and adviceTeam of commercial engineersDedicated commercial engineerDedicated commercial engineer. Dedicated technical expert optionalDedicated commercial engineer and technical expert
Dedicated project manager for consulting, monitoring and construction of platformsOptionOption


Dedicated and secure customer interfaces (invoicing, statistics, reports, etc.)
Provision of operational and incident reports
Technical support via email24/724/724/724/7
Technical support via telephone9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
24/7 optional
9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
24/7 optional
9 a.m. - 7 p.m.
24/7 optional
On-site presence24/724/724/724/7
Technical response time guarantee window9 a.m. - 7 p.m.24/724/724/7
Response procedures customised by the customer
Monthly time allocated to customer requests excluding services already included (current operations and incident management)3 hours per server
Technical response time guarantee (RTG) by email24 hours12 hours4 hours2 hours
Technical response time guarantee (RTG) by phone1 hour30 min15 min15 min
Proactive response time guarantee after finding the problemunder 4 hoursunder 2 hoursunder 1 hourunder 30 min
Direct link with a qualified contact in the Data Center (no outsourced hotline!)
Ticket resolution via email by qualified personnel (Support Technician, Support Engineer, R&D)


Definition of the architecture most adapted to your needs
Proactive proposal for the development of your infrastructures
Hardware and components tested and certified by IKOULA
Hardware warranty for the duration of the service
Guaranteed replacement time (Hardware GRT)under 24 hoursunder 4 hoursunder 4 hoursunder 4 hours

System administration

Full system administration support (web and database, only the application is not administered)
Root / Administrator access given to the customer

Root / Administrator access given to the customer

Root / Administrator access given to the customer
Access management support and assignment of restricted user rights to update server data


System supervision (CPU, RAM, hard disk, etc.), monthly report via email.
Component and service monitoring via email
Customising of the monitoring procedure (items, thresholds and alert levels, subject to validation)
Alert management supportProcedure booklet written by the customer and set up by IKOULAProcedure booklet written with the customer and set up by IKOULA
Scalability management (finding and proposing an adequate solution)


Backup spaceOptionOption100 Gb included
Extra size option
100 Gb included
Extra size option
Definition of the backup policyBy the customerBy the customerBy the customerBy the customer
Performing backups on removable media and archivingOptionOptionOptionOption
Restoring backups in case of crash (system or hardware)By the customer via the web interfaceBy the customer via the web interfaceBy the customer via the web interfaceBy IKOULA in cooperation with the customer
Online database backupMySQL and SQLServer
MySQL and SQLServer
MySQL and SQLServer
MySQL and SQLServer


Monthly full security audit - OpenVAS
Optimisation of server security after security auditOption
Application of customer-validated security updatesOption
Firewall security policy management supportOptionOptionOption


Network supervision24/724/724/724/7
Network Availability / Connectivity Guarantee Rate99.90%99.95%99.95%99.95%

Our commitments

Availability rate not met*5 penalty points per finding5 penalty points per finding5 penalty points per finding
RTG not met*1 point for every 1/2 hour of overrun
GTR not met*1 point for every 1/4 hour of overrun
Compliance with the dates on which the operating reports are made available*1 point per date not met
*Availability rate calculated on a monthly basis. 5 penalty points correspond to a discount of 5% on the monthly invoice of the service concerned, capped at 20% of the monthly invoice of the service concerned.

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