Zimbra Docs, the perfect solution
for creating and sharing documents
within your companies

Share, create, and edit your documents with Zimbra Docs for Business

Zimbra Docs is a complete and feature-rich open-source office suite directly integrated into your Zimbra Web client.

With Zimbra docs, you can now create and edit text documents, spreadsheets, and more professional presentations directly in Zimbra.

Zimbra Docs, combined with Zimbra Drive, allows you to increase your productivity, and simplifies collaborative working between colleagues, especially when teleworking is the norm. Teamwork becomes easier, and all your documents are protected and hosted in professional French data centres.

The Features of Zimbra docs

  • ZIMBRA Writer

    An integrated text editor

  • ZIMBRA Calc

    A spreadsheet with all the features you are used to

  • ZIMBRA Impress

    For creating high-quality presentations directly from ZIMBRA

  • ZIMBRA Briefcase

    Your personal briefcase, where you can create files, import or export them to or from ZIMBRA and facilitate teamwork

What are the characteristics Zimbra Docs?

Zimbra Docs supports the most common document formats, such as xls, doc, ppt and more. No additional training is required. With Zimbra docs, no other software is necessary; everything is centralised and accessible, in line with your work habits.