Cloud IKOULA Pods

Become your own Cloud operator

The CLOUD IKOULA PODS technology developed by IKOULA allows you to deploy your own Cloud, within your own infrastructures, with a dedicated orchestrator.
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Our offer The CLOUD IKOULA PODS solution is divided into three parts.

  1. The software part corresponds to the solution developed by IKOULA and to everything it includes.

  2. The hardware part responds to your infrastructural needs. It can be supplied by IKOULA or by the client.
  3. The outsourcing part includes 24/7 complete infrastructure management and VM outsourcing.

Benefits Why you should become your own Cloud operator
  • High performance
    Benefit from the speed and the power of SSD disks to manage your deployments. Thanks to its SSD infrastructures, IKOULA is able to offer the most performing solutions on the market.
  • Ready-to-use security
    CLOUD IKOULA PODS allows a DevOps approach with automatized security options. Secure your instances by attributing firewall rules that regulate incoming and outgoing traffic, and add load balancing rules in order to distribute traffic on several instances. Managing your infrastructure’s security is now a walk in the park.
  • Worldwide scalability
    It is at any time possible to overflow into the Public Cloud and to deploy your instances on one of our Points Of Presence

Instances The features of CLOUD IKOULA PODS instances are exclusive and customizable.

They are defined when drafting the Technical Integration Document (TID) with the client.
If you wish to add new instances later on, all you have to do is request it to the Ikoula support.

Available instance templates:
CentOS 7 | CentOS 6 | CoreOS Stable | Debian 9 | Debian 8 | Ubuntu 16.04 | Ubuntu 14.04
Windows 2016 Standard | Windows 2012 R2 Standard

Uses The CLOUD IKOULA PODS solution for all your needs

  • Public service

    Public service is a perfect example of an industry that requires a highly secured solution and that needs to autonomously manage its own infrastructure. With the CLOUD IKOULA PODS solution, the Cloud is made accessible to this industry, that is still reluctant to switch to the Cloud.

  • Public Cloud Reseller

    Thanks to CLOUD IKOULA PODS, you become the host of your own Cloud solution. You may then use it for your own needs, or become a white label Public Cloud reseller. The solution includes an internal pricing management system for the entities defined by the client.

  • New regions

    Cloud solutions are not accessible in all regions. Local Data Centers are not always equipped with machines that are able to deploy instances in the Cloud. Thanks to the CLOUD IKOULA PODS solution, it is now possible to deliver a host machine anywhere in the world.

  • Smart City

    CLOUD IKOULA PODS is especially relevant for Smart City projects as it makes it possible to deploy the infrastructure as close to the uses as possible.

  • And many more uses...

    With CLOUD IKOULA PODS, the only limit for your Cloud usage is your own imagination.

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