• Processor

    1 CPU (4C) @1,5GHz

    Raspberry Pi 4 ARM v8

  • Included

    IPV6 (IPv4 option)

  • RAM

    4 GB DDR4

  • Bandwidth

    1 Gbit/s


    16 GB SD Card

  • Availability

    99,95 %

€6.99ex VAT/month

Powered by Raspberry PiThe Raspberry Pi 4 is the latest micro server model to be launched by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Originally conceived as a niche product for techies, and intended to make electronics more attractive and affordable, these microservers (or nanocomputers) quickly became a success and are regarded as a true classic today. For an affordable price and a minimum footprint, users have access to a mini-computer capable of integrating numerous projects, whether it is for personal projects such as media centre, or professional projects such as web hosting, application hosting or remote backup.

In terms of functionality, the all-new Raspberry Pi 4 has an impressive range of features, including a much faster processor speed than the previous version, a Gigabit port, USB3 connectivity, and the ability to install up to 4 GB of RAM.

Apps One Click  Quickly and easily install your applicationsin just a few minutes on your dedicated server.

Because offering its customers innovativ solutions - just like the micro-server - is part of company's DNA. IKOULA has decided to combine its expertise and its professional infrastructure with Raspberry Pi technology, in order to create the first full IPv6 offer on the market (optioonal IPv4). IKOULA allows users to integrate the Raspberry Pi 4 into large-scale professional projects.

  • HAProxy
  • MariaDB
  • Apache
  • Drupal
  • Gravitee
  • Lamp
  • GoLang
  • Grafana
  • InfluxDB
  • Jenkins
  • Minecraft Server
    Minecraft Server
  • Open JDK
    Open JDK

In addition to its infrastructure, IKOULA also provides its know-how by offering you a catalog of scripts to easily and very quickly install some of the most popular applications. Save precious time by choosing our One Click installable scripts. Accessible in a few clicks from our public repository, these scripts can be downloaded directly to your machine. You will then only have to launch the playbook to then take full advantage of your application!

Find all of our One Click deployment scripts


Rasbperry Pi 4 & IKOULA

Because offering its customers technological innovations - such as this microserver - is part of the company's DNA, IKOULA has decided to combine its expertise and professional infrastructure with Raspberry Pi technology, to create the first full IPv6 offer on the market (IPv4 is an option) and to allow its customers to integrate the Raspberry Pi 4 into large-scale professional projects.

Microservers: what can you do with them?

Microservers offer several advantages.
First and foremost, the price: it's hard to beat such a performance/price ratio in a datacentre!
The same applies to energy consumption: the power consumption of a Raspberry Pi 4 bears no relation to the power consumption of a "classic" server (depending on the project and the chosen configuration, of course), as the consumption of the former can be five times lower than that of the latter. So, by opting for an IKOULA microserver, you are reducing the environmental impact of your activity.
Secondly, this microserver benefits from the active support of the entire Raspberry Pi community, which detects and corrects the flaws and helps each user to carry out their projects successfully.
In practice, in terms of use, micro-servers offer excellent possibilities. For example, they are perfect for:

  • Creating your own mail server : Use it to keep complete control of your email system and create numerous email addresses with your own domain name, relying on greater flexibility and a level of confidentiality and security superior to that of some external email services.
  • Creating your own Web server : Compatible with most programs (Apache/lighttpd/NGINX, etc.), microservers are perfect for use as a testbed for local websites before publication, as well as for hosting simple websites (statistics for example) with limited traffic.
  • Creating your own VPN server : By using the microserver as a central authentication instance for VPN clients, you will be able to easily encrypt all your data guaranteeing maximum security for your most sensitive data in a private or professional setting.

What are the advantages of a Raspberry Pi 4 microserver hosted at IKOULA?

Although micro-servers can sometimes be hosted directly in-house, choosing to entrust your Raspberry Pi 4 and its data to a hosting company can be the best decision, allowing your projects to develop in a completely secure environment, relying on teams of professionals.

By opting for a micro server hosted at IKOULA, not only do you benefit from over 20 years of technical expertise, but you also benefit from real security and peace of mind. Our support teams are available 24/7, 7 days a week and - being based in our data centres - can intervene on the machines in no time at all if necessary.

Another advantage is IKOULA's extremely professional infrastructure and network. With more than 2,550 m² of datacentres, a multi BGP4 network, dual-stack IPv4/IPv6, a bandwidth of 1 Gbps and more than 350 peering agreements, IKOULA guarantees you quality of service and high availability at all times, ensuring your peace of mind as your projects take shape and grow.