How to install a FTP server?

Deploy your FTP server with ease.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server allows to transfer files over the Internet or over a local computer network (intranet). Anyone with permission, can upload and download files on a remote computer by running such a server.

The default and most commonly used port is port 21. You access it by opening an FTP folder and typing your password.
The FTP protocol allows: to send files to another computer (upload) and download files from another computer (download). With these features, FTP servers are very useful for powering a hosted website.

Access FTP at Ikoula Several ways to use the FTP protocol

All Ikoula hosting packs contain, in addition to access to the Web server, at least one FTP access, thus facilitating the management of your site. If you want to rent a disk space on a Dedicated server or on a virtual server Ikoula, it is available for all types of servers. Note that the FTP service is also available on all our web hosting Windows or Linux. Since the file storage is closely related to the FTP, we put at your disposal an IkeepinCloud online storage offer that allows you to store all your files and documents thanks to integrated multi-protocols.

  • FTP client
    FTP client is the software that you use to share files. Example with FileZilla.
  • FTP server
    FTP server is a program that allows the exchange of files. It is installed on the server. Just as there are many FTP clients, there are also several FTP servers: vsFTPd, ProFTPd, PureFTPd...

Knowledge base To learn more about the FTP protocol

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