How do you host an e-commerce site?

When you want to sell online, you need to consider several factors when selecting your hosting solution. Ikoula understands these issues well and has developed optimal products for e-commerce site owners.

What are the advantages of Ikoula's e-commerce solutions?


E-commerce sites are sensitive areas where personal customer information and financial transactions circulate, which is why it is essential to guarantee optimal security for your site and encrypt your data. Ikoula uses multiple security solutions: SSL certificates, Firewall rules, VPN, Load Balancing, Veeam Backup...

High availability

An e-commerce site that is offline incurs a loss of sales and turnover. A high level of availability is the solution. Ikoula offers RAID technology, power supply redundancy (failover) and special attention to these maintenance areas. This package of devices ensures site availability up to 99.95% of the time.

Incident resolution

In web hosting, incidents can always happen. Ikoula understands the stakes of these incidents for an e-merchant. This is why Ikoula's support teams remain at your disposal 24/7 and are proactive in maintaining the operation of your website.

How do you choose the right hosting solution? To host your e-commerce site, Ikoula offers a variety of solutions that adapt to different site sizes and user levels: Prestashop hosting, dedicated servers/ virtual servers and CloudIkoulaOne

Prestashop Hosting
It is the simplest and least expensive solution thanks to the pre-installation of the Prestashop module. Prestashop allows you to open an e-commerce site in a few minutes and requires no technical skills to customise your shop with more than 2000 themes. This solution, already used by over 250,000 online stores, allows you to create a site that is easy, fast, scalable and compatible on all mobile media. However, this hosting is called "shared" and the data is stored on a server shared with other clients.
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Dedicated servers / Virtual servers
Dedicated servers allow you to store your data on a physical server dedicated to you. Virtual servers allow you to virtually create a server the size you need and that you can use similarly to a dedicated server. These solutions allow you a great deal of freedom because you can install your own application layer (install a program, modify OS settings...). However, by default, they do not support their implementation or system maintenance. They are therefore intended for informed users. In order to make this solution accessible to all, Ikoula offers complementary outsourcing solutions to look after the monitoring and maintenance of these servers. The prices of dedicated servers and virtual servers vary enormously from one machine to another depending on their power and storage space. This solution is particularly relevant in the case of a more complex shop that uses other hardware (for example an estate agency with offices throughout France, a chain of restaurants or a franchise of shops) or in the case of heavy traffic on the site.
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Cloud Ikoula ONE
CLOUD IKOULA ONE is a tailor-made solution, able to adapt to your needs. You can manage a single machine as well as complex infrastructures, involving networks of several virtual machines, and thus benefit from scalability at any time (temporary increase in traffic or strong growth in your activity). From our professional datacenters, CLOUD IKOULA ONE allows you to deploy your infrastructure in a secure way in a few minutes. In terms of functionality, CLOUD IKOULA ONE integrates by default all that is necessary for e-commerce (security rules such as Firewall, VPN, or Load Balancing) and thus guarantees the sustainability of your online store. Deploying your infrastructure, however complex, becomes as simple as a set of Legos.
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Secure your customers and convert to (SSL)

An SSL certificate is essential for any online store because it reassures the customer about the security of the online transaction. Since 2017, it has actually been mandatory in order not to be identified as "at risk" by the main Internet browsers. Also, please note that according to the latest update from Google, sites secured via SSL enjoy an advantage in the way they are referenced in search results pages. It is recommended that you use an EV type certificate which will provide your website with clearly highlighted visual symbols (green URL bar) and which will reassure your visitors and encourage them to increase their purchases.

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