How to host critical applications?

Critical applications have to function at all times and can never be offline. This is the case, for example, for e-commerce, banking, or emergency services. The managers of critical applications can therefore truly benefit from implementing this type of security system, this being much less problematic than a loss of money generated by a site being offline.

What are the advantages of IKOULA’s
solutions for critical applications

French hosting

By hosting your files with IKOULA you will keep your data close to you. The IKOULA data centers are based in France (Champagne-Ardenne and Hauts-de-France) and are governed by the European General Data Protection Regulation.


IKOULA does everything possible to support its customers and ensure they have the best experience possible. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and technicians are ready to intervene in less than an hour. Furthermore, thanks the different monitoring solutions offered by our network, the IKOULA teams can act proactively as soon as a problem is identified, and even before you become aware of it.

Network Security

By leaving your server in a Data Centre, you also take full advantage of all the security it provides. The IKOULA network is protected against DDOS attack, thanks to level 3 Anti-DDOS solutions. Moreover, this network is continually tested and IKOULA’s multiple agreements with different operators guarantee a continuous and high quality service.

“Choosing the right solution for critical applications To meet these demands, IKOULA has developed the High Availability VPS, which is the recommended solution for hosting critical applications.

High Availability VPS

To meet these demands, IKOULA has developed the High Availability VPS, which is the recommended solution for hosting critical applications.

The High Availability VPS provides a virtual infrastructure, including a DRP. This highly redundant platform includes two hosts which accommodate the server and guarantee its storage. In addition, in the case of failure or malfunction, the server is able to reboot on the second host. This High Availability VPS is indispensable for hosting critical applications and represents a suitable solution in the case of digital loss.

The High Availability VPS is therefore a platform where all the components are doubled: the server hosts, the controllers managing the storage, the power supply, the current supply, and the network, etc. On the other hand, this type of VPS is characterised by the existence of a DRP based on a host in another server room on another level.

Customers who want to make use of a High Availability VPS will also profit from two twin virtual machines operating on two different servers, which themselves are located on two distinct networks. To offer maximum security, even the data centers storing the servers can be separated. Each machine is thus capable of taking over if the second fails.

Thanks to the DRP included in the High Availability VPS it is possible, in the case of malfunction or loss, to guarantee recover on the second server via the virtual twin machine that we mentioned before. The DRP thus enables the limitation of the economic impact of an IT failure for the company. It incorporates the architectures as well as the means of protection put in place to ensure the security of the application it covers.

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Double your solution’s security with Veeam

Veeam is an IT backup and security solution dedicated to businesses, reliable and easy to use. Adapting to any type of activity and any workload, this professional cloud backup solution provides optimal data protection, from the smallest file to the physical or virtual server, including all workstations and mobile devices. Veeam will also protect businesses from malicious malware or ransomware attacks and provide business executives and IT managers with a wide range of security tools.

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Entrust the maintenance of your solution’s security to professionals

In addition to the hardware-based security the High Availability VPS solution offers you, sign up to our managed services offers to entrust the maintenance and monitoring of your solution to our teams of professionals. Depending on the level of managed services you select, we will be able to manage, in your place, both the monitoring and supervision of your system, as well as taking full control of your system’s administration so as to let you concentrate on your applications.

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