How to do web hosting on a dedicated server

Guide to dedicated server web hosting

What is a dedicated server?
Any website, to be made available anywhere in the world, must exist on a hardware medium. It must therefore be registered and managed on a server, operated by a host. The host offers three solutions:
  • Shared hosting: the website is registered and managed on a shared server - on which other sites, belonging to other people / companies are also managed, using common resources.
  • VPS hosting, for Virtual Private Server: although the website is registered on a shared server, technical arrangements are made to separate it from other sites as far as possible.
  • Dedicated server: the website has an entire server with all the resources at its disposal.

Benefits of Dedicated Server for Web Hosting

The first benefit is the availability of more RAM for the website. The customer can negotiate this RAM with the host according to his specific needs. This is particularly the case for e-commerce sites for major brands or for information sites. If thousands of users connect to the site at the same time, slowdowns or even crashes must be avoided.

The question of RAM also arises for teleworking systems. In March 2020, the European Commission had experienced this during the first day of forced teleworking: when thousands of officials connected to its server at 8:30 am, the system collapsed under demand.

Regarding the work of companies, the dedicated server also has an advantage in the field of security. The recorded data is physically isolated from all other web hosting and hacking and accidental leakage are rarer.

Who is the dedicated server solution for?

In addition to technical performance, the use of a dedicated server offers users total technical freedom. The customer can thus install the software of his choice to run his website.

The solution is therefore aimed at customers wishing to control their process and create room for maneuver for future developments. This is a criterion of primary importance for social networks, for example.

The dedicated server also offers a competitive advantage in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). To win the search engine ranking race, the choice of a dedicated server guarantees performance and stability of use. These criteria are important in technical SEO, because search engine algorithms are able to measure them. As a result, as soon as these algorithms locate a dedicated server, they improve the ranking of the hosted site.

All of these qualities come with a price. The dedicated server is, of course, the most expensive solution. The potential client must therefore plan a budget by obtaining information from the various hosts.

What criteria to monitor to choose your hosting on a dedicated server?

When the choice of a dedicated server is necessary, it is preferable to plan a significant budget to ensure a good quality of service. The two main criteria are as follows.

  • The geographic location of the server :On the web, data has to travel and geographic distance plays a role. Therefore, a website intended for French customers should be hosted in France, or at least in Europe. If the site is to attract American or Chinese visitors, it is necessary to provide suitable accommodation.
  • Classification of the data center : The host manages data centers in which the servers are located. These centers are categorized according to the Tier classification defined by the Uptime Institute. This classification depends on the ability of the center to cope with technical problems. Ideally, the dedicated hosting of a large company should be done in a Tier IV center, equipped with generator set and continuous cooling. Site availability is guaranteed 24 hours a day.

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