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How to harness the power of virtualization

The power of virtualization for your business
Since IT has spread through every aspect of our work and our lives, a structural problem arises. With each new application, each innovation promising us a utopian world, our real productivity decreases. Everything is implemented, we have to manage too many new IT tools, follow too many developments, understand too many technical details ... And each new tool brings its share of new failures.

Virtualization is a total and radical solution that makes it possible to change course: it simplifies processes, makes them accessible remotely, secures them ... and allows you to gain in productivity and quality of life.

What virtualization brings to you

The principle of virtualization is to group together all your tools in virtual machines (VMs). The concept of a virtual machine is the same as a VPS hosting: a physical server can contain several virtual servers, each one dedicated to a specific application. In current processes , each application requires its own physical resources, which remain useless as soon as the application is put into standby.

However, thanks to a system of hypervisors, the shared server can concentrate its resources on the applications in progress, so as to optimize its working time. It is a form of multitasking for computers.

In short, you reduce your physical resource requirements, therefore you reduce your costs and simplify the maintenance and updating of your IT equipment.

How to best use virtualization?

If the cost argument seems essential, the health crisis has revealed to us a major advantage of virtualization. By moving all of the company's IT tools to a centralized network - in fact this is the basis of a Cloud - it becomes possible for employees to use them optimally from a distance.

When the first confinement of 2020 became effective in March in Belgium, the Monday of the remote start of school, all the officials of the European Commission connected at 8:30 am to the central server in order to go about their tasks. Impossible, the number of simultaneous connections caused the CE servers to crash. Caught off guard by the crisis, the EC - like the vast majority of companies and institutions around the world - had not optimized its system for teleworking.

Virtualization solutions, such as those offered by VMWARE, serve to create a secure and efficient environment for this teleworking. At the end of the health crisis, the demand for remote work will remain strong and organizations will have to take this into account. They must implement sustainable and competitive solutions in a very complicated and unstable world.

For example, many workers plan to switch to 100% telecommuting mode. Businesses will have to adapt, and this is where virtualization solutions will be best exploited:

  • Remote accessibility of all company tools
  • Efficient and stable computer hardware
  • Optimization of resource allocation
  • Ability to perform all tasks remotely
  • Efficient fault management to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted process

By calling on a world-renowned specialist such as VMWARE and adapting your computer hardware, you will be able to benefit from the power of virtualization. With a centralized solution, there will be only one learning, one adaptation, and one solution tailored to your specific needs .

More centralization for more security

The use of more and more applications multiplies our passwords, which we forget more and more often. By centralizing the entire process in a cloud, powerful and efficient security solutions can be used. Thus , all work will take place in a secure virtual environment, with a unique key. This greatly reduces the workload and the risk of losing passwords.

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