How to host your multisite on a dedicated server

Discover this feature which allows you to host your Wordpress multisite on a dedicated server for improved performance and security.

What is a WordPress multisite?

A multisite hosting makes it possible to group together several sites within a dedicated server, therefore in one and the same place. The WordPress CMS offers you the possibility to create several websites with a single user interface.

Unlike a shared hosting, the resources are distributed among several websites, and not shared. The final user experience will be neutral and without impact.

The advantages of such consolidation are numerous. First of all, by deciding to merge your sites and their subdomains into a single dedicated server, you avoid management complications while reducing your costs. You will need only one access code and only one hosting service will feed your dashboard.

This option also allows you to streamline your administrative processes. Indeed, one and the same person will have the admin password and root access, while retaining the possibility of granting rights to certain users. Safety is therefore preserved.

Finally, by opting for a WordPress multisite, you personalize your online presence. Your applications are installed once and your new websites are uploaded instantly. Then, over time and at your discretion, the plugins of this CMS like Yoast SEO can be added or uninstalled easily.

How to host your multisite on a dedicated server?

A dedicated server gives you exclusive control over all the resources required for the administration and installation of your multisite. You often hear about a bare metal server, it is nothing more than a dedicated server. Your bare metal server, also called Single Tenant Server, is different from a virtual server. Indeed, it is physically represented by a computer in the data center of the host, and provides resources to a specific client. This server is recommended in the event of a complex web project such as setting up a personalized platform. Two scenarios are available to you regarding the structure of your bare metal: a traditional bare metal server or with an integrated hypervisor

How does a traditional bare metal server work?

In this specific case, the user stores his data at the location of his choice. In the same way, the management of its applications is carried out on its operating system. This is a simplified version that has been around for a long time. The operating system like Windows server, Red Hat, Debian or CentOs is administered by the user and relies directly on the hardware This structure includes dedicated rental servers, but also company servers based on your premises.

What is a bare metal server with a hypervisor?

In the Cloud environment, this version simultaneously combines equipment with interfaces submitted to the user on virtual machines. Hypervisors are software that let you run applications directly on virtual application systems. In addition to the hardware, the bare metal server therefore includes a hypervisor which remains in the virtual world. Hosting based on a bare metal server gives access to a virtual machine, while keeping a majority of data managed on the hardware part. The most common hypervisors are KVM, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer.

Bare metal resources are dedicated exclusively and solely to your website. This operation ensures optimal performance and security for each of the new sites added. A bare metal server therefore represents an ideal installation base for a WordPress multisite. You will indeed have the appropriate space to multiply your websites whether for a blog platform or for a sophisticated e-commerce site.

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