How to monitor using dedicated servers

Once your servers are installed, it is interesting to set up a monitoring solution in order to verify their correct functioning. Each tracking system is different depending on the needs and activities of the company. In all cases, it is a question of collecting measurements relating to the functioning of your servers continuously: traffic, downtime and commercial data. Appropriate monitoring will allow you to resolve anomalies more quickly, but also to boost your commercial performance in an unprecedented way.

How does the monitoring of your servers work with dedicated servers?

The goal of this monitoring is to understand the conditions under which your servers are operating. It also allows you to study their interactions with your entire IT infrastructure. Whatever your industry, it is essential not to neglect it. It can have a big impact on your turnover and your business performance in general.

The data monitored may differ depending on your business, but some remains crucial in any case:

  • processors, which must maintain normal activity in order to be able to manage additional tasks efficiently
  • RAM, which must be optimized to provide the information needed to use your various applications
  • the hard disk, which must maintain an acceptable level of filling ...

Thanks to its various parameters, you will be able to preserve the reactivity of your computer network in all circumstances. Their monitoring is essential to allow you to benefit from your applications in an optimal way. The use of a dedicated bare metal server will be perfectly suited to this use. Many options are available depending on your business issues.

Why is it important to set up a monitoring system for your servers?

An effective server monitoring system goes far beyond simply detecting technical problems. It can have a significant impact on your current and future results. It has different purposes that will all be useful to your business at some point:

  • real-time equipment monitoring to detect potential incidents;
  • alert system to warn those most able to intervene quickly;
  • proactive detection of server weaknesses;
  • anticipation of periods of intense activity;
  • données décisives conservées pour l'amélioration des performances commerciales.

The constant flow of recorded business data allows you to be responsive to certain situations. You can develop proactive strategies to deal with certain periods of higher attendance. Thanks to the use of dedicated servers, you are prepared in all circumstances, which gives you a clear advantage.

How to set up an effective monitoring system?

Establishing a monitoring agent on a dedicated server can be very simple and fast. However, when setting up your control system, there are some pitfalls to avoid.

One of the priorities when setting up your tracking is to establish an effective alert system. If your alerts aren't getting to the right people or sent through the right channels, it can dramatically slow down the response time to an anomaly. Alerts will be one of the keys to the efficiency of your technical incident management.

Don't forget to automate the different responses based on the data detected in real time. This will allow you to plan proper maintenance for all outages. This way, you will also be able to reduce your server downtime, which could have a decisive impact on your business. If you are caught off guard, you may be wasting precious time. Finally, you will be able to implement sound disaster recovery plans.

It's also important to consider your long-term monitoring solution. For example, if your servers are producing a very high volume of data, it may be difficult to analyze them afterwards. It is essential to focus on the most interesting data to make it more usable.

Récolter les données issues de vos serveurs est essentiel pour disposer d'informations pertinentes à utiliser en cas d'avarie à court terme ou pour améliorer vos performances sur le long terme. Pensez aussi à développer un tableau de bord pertinent pour exploiter vos données le plus efficacement possible. Certaines solutions open source pourront vous accompagner pour le suivi de mesures spécifiques et un affichage personnalisé des résultats.

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