ISO Certifications

IKOULA is committed to continuously improving its services for more sustainable cloud computing

ISO 50001 Energy management

ISO 50001ISO 50001 certification is evidence of a continuous improvement process aimed at more sustainable energy management. It provides a relatively detailed framework of requirements that can be summed up as follows (source:

  • Develop a more efficient energy use policy
  • Set targets and goals for implementing this policy
  • Use data to understand energy use issues better and make decisions about how to address them effectively
  • Measure the results
  • Review the effectiveness of the policy
  • Continuously improve energy management

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Mr Dũng LY - Directeur Général IKOULA"Conscious and responsible digital consumption is part of IKOULA's identity. ISO 50001 certification is one of the ways in which our teams have demonstrated their ongoing commitment to providing you with a quality service that takes account of the environmental challenges facing both hardware and services throughout their lifecycle."

ISO 27001

Information Security Policy

IKOULA, with its data centres, is at the heart of our clients' information systems infrastructure. Our commitments to them and our regulatory obligations, particularly the General Data Protection Regulation, require us to be exemplary in our information security management.

We have suffered many attacks since our foundation in 1998. However, we have always been able to withstand them because we regard security as a vital component of our business. Over time, these attacks have not stopped; quite the contrary. These "swords of Damocles" are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and we must anticipate such security incidents and constantly develop countermeasures to minimise their impact.

Our acquisition by the SEWAN Group in September 2021, an IS0 27001 certified company with expertise in quality and security, is an advantage in helping us ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of physical and digital information in our data centre business.

  • Maintaining confidentiality ensures that information is available only to those who need it to do their jobs. To prevent data leakage, our employees must follow correct procedures, using only the rights they are entitled to, and must not process information unless they are authorised to do so.
  • Maintaining integrity ensures the accuracy and completeness of the information and its processing. Any change must be traced and accounted for.
  • Availability is about ensuring that information is accessible at all times and that IKOULA can handle any incident that threatens business continuity.

Through internal audits and security risk assessment analyses, we are committed to a process of governance and continuous improvement of our ISMS, Information Security Management System. These results are presented at least once a year in a dedicated management review, during which we establish a corrective and preventive action plan.

Our goals are no data leakage, no changes in our information system and 99.99% availability. We achieve these goals by raising awareness of cybersecurity and through the vigilance of all IKOULA employees who comply strictly with procedures.

While IKOULA provides the infrastructure and the tools to secure the resources deployed, our clients remain responsible for their applications and data. We have absolutely no access to our clients' data, apart from the data we need to process their orders.

Recognising sensitive information and acting accordingly in our day-to-day activities must be a reflex. If in doubt, please get in touch with your manager, our Information Systems Security Manager or our ISMS Manager immediately. They are there to advise you on what to do.

Involving everyone like this will strengthen our reputation and our clients’ trust in us. Their confidence is what retains and acquires clients and guarantees our growth and our jobs.
I am counting on each and every one of you.

Jean-Pascal MACCHI