Projet Cloud public

The gallic cloud

Public Cloud Project: a new industry-based France

Within the context of Cloud Computing, drawing up a report and suggesting key measures in order to facilitate and implement the development of a Cloud ecosystem in France, the French web host, IKOULA, has provided its written contribution below.

Concrete suggestions for the expansion of the French Cloud

“There are some brakes slowing
the expansion of the Made in France Cloud”

The ecosystem of Cloud computing in France consist of four key players: schools and universities, software companies, integrators and hosts, and infrastructure providers. These all create a synergy based on the innovation and development potential of the French Cloud. However, there are some brakes slowing down the expansion of the “Made in France” Cloud. We are referring in particular to the lack of regional infrastructure, to the limitations on opening the network to all of the key public Cloud players, as well as to the lack of promotion for French Cloud providers.

“Regional areas offer numerous advantages
for the creation of Cloud infrastructures with high added value”

At the regional level, the lack of infrastructure can be explained by issues with accessing national networks. In fact, the entirety of the French network is centralised in the Île de France, and connecting to this represents a not inconsiderable price for the SMEs of the French public Cloud based in the provinces. Furthermore, the access nodes outside of the Île de France are few and far between and the major operators are not facilitating the opening of the network to regional hosts. This observation is all the more regrettable given that the regions offer numerous advantages to the creation of Cloud infrastructures with high added value: the high concentration of engineering schools and IT departments, the affordable property prices, and the spaces available for building on are just a few of these.

“For the French Cloud to be a success
the user’s experience must be the best possible”

At the national level, the French Cloud has been a reality for over four years. Hosts, publishers, and managed service providers are accelerating its development in its three forms (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS). However, for the French Cloud to be a success, the user’s experience must be the best possible. This implies, in particular, that access to services hosted in France needs to be fluid right from the French access suppliers. At the moment only a handful of key players, mostly from abroad, benefit from privileged access to the network of internet access suppliers.

“The exception of the French Cloud exists”

Faced with these international players, “the exception of the French Cloud” exists! French know-how has been tried and tested. Nevertheless, it lacks visibility among the greater public. Once again, only a few major players are highlighted on the French market. However, other “Franco-French” public Cloud companies have already been innovating the sector and making it more dynamic for several years. These latter parties must be promoted in these days of “Made in France”.

Following these observations, measures can be taken to consolidate the French Cloud market and contribute to its dynamism. The Internet is known as “global”, having been designed as a network and not as one central point. For the Cloud industry to fully function, it must, therefore, exist locally. With this in mind, the French Cloud must regionalise and no longer solely focus on the Île de France. Furthermore, for French Cloud companies to take “the leading global places in the Cloud product and services sectors over the next few years”, the “French exception” must be supported. This can be achieved through access agreements for open networks and the promotion of French Cloud SMEs.

To do so, here are a few suggestions of measures to take:
  • Provide a map referencing the existing networks available (cables and fibres) to facilitate the division of infrastructures regionally with clear regulations. E.g. the use of infrastructures (cables and fibres) along national roadways.
  • Apply network neutrality to all Cloud players, with simple rules of access and negotiated peering agreements. E.g. a French provider of Cloud solutions should be granted privileged access to an access provider’s French clients.
  • Publish a directory grouping together all of the French Cloud players so that they can be identified, referenced on one medium, and known by the greater public.
  • Create a trustmark to ensure the better promotion of Cloud “made in France” know-how.
  • Maintain the current taxation system and not add a digital tax.

For us, the Gallic Cloud is no longer just an idea
but a genuine reality!!!

- Jules-Henri Gavetti –

The Gallic Cloud is putting up a fight but the magic potion is hard to come by

By “Gavettix the Gaul”, Director of Ikoula

The American Cloud giants are invading digital infrastructures throughout Gaul. Throughout? Not quite. In fact, one virtual village is putting up a fight, made up of real providers who are pulling together to resist (regularly making use of intelligent “coopetition”): The Gallic Cloud. All the same, their survival is becoming critical, despite their ingenuity in renewing a magic potion that still has an effect. But for how long?

“Cloudix and Numergyx aren’t
contributing anything to innovation”

Important news for the directors of Gaul: The French Cloud has already been a reality for over four years! Hosts, publishers, and managed service providers are even accelerating its development in its three forms (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS). There is therefore no reason to change the map of the Gallic Net. Nevertheless, Fonpublix (the great paymaster of Lutetia, Roman Paris) is launching the Cloud Souverain (“Sovereign Cloud”) with turnkey financing. However, Cloudix and Numergyx are not contributing anything to innovation, and are coming into direct competition with the existing players in the area by dividing up the market. These companies proclaim that they are setting themselves up in opposition to Librairy and Cherchetout, but are basically threatening the unsuspecting key players in the Gallic Cloud. The financing of such players thus destroys so much potential for innovation. This is all the more true given that the Gallic Cloud firms have existed for years and are not eligible for research tax credit, despite continuous self-financed innovation through combining technologies and training specialists. A situation that poses a risk for the thousands of employees of the Gallic Cloud.

“The players in the Gallic Cloud
are paying more for access to the network”

Gaul is opening its borders to the world, but forgetting to involve these pioneers in this expansion. Without any fortification, and case aside, forgotten, to the corner, the Gallic Cloud is once more exposed to threats. With net neutrality, Librairy or Cherchetout can benefit from privileged access to Citronix infrastructures, which is, let us remind ourselves, subsidised by the Gallic State. But what of the players in the Gallic Cloud? And what of the national role of French operators? A company will be more interested in choosing the cloud provided by Librairy or Cherchetout for the outsourcing of its infrastructures or applications, since these companies have privileged access to the shared infrastructure. Result: the players in the Gallic Cloud (often based in the provinces, pay more for access to the French network!

“They are mad at Solutiondunumerix!”

The new managers of the Gallic Cloud are investing all their gold in the area. For a digital industry to fully function, there must be a digital “factory” locally. The businesses of the Gallic Cloud represent this “factory”. They are creating, developing, and providing cloud solutions. And digital reindustrialisation inevitably comes about via this new generation of cloud industrialists, who are already in place. This is why they must be encouraged, supported, and helped to develop. In line with Gallic traditions, the high official, Solutiondunumerix, has decided to form a National Digital Council. The Gallic Cloud is amazed, “they are mad at Solutiondunumerix!” Why has no key player from the Gallic Cloud been invited to represent all these SMEs at the National Digital Council, which has, after all, been created to bring dynamism to this sector?

“Gallic through-and-through, we will defend
are digital industry.”

The approach may be quirky but our expectations our indeed real and well thought out. Via this forum the aim is to shine a light on the French Cloud SMEs and urge the government to implement two initiatives:
  • Set up an institutional “” website to provide references to all the French Cloud solutions by theme. This website will allow French businesses to get to know the Cloud hosting solutions available to them based on function.
  • The simplified access of French Cloud SMEs to the big Internet providers. In essence, the user experience is of strategic importance in the development of an application. This experience, however, comes not just from the quality of the development, but also from privileged access to the network.

For us, the Gallic Cloud is no longer just an idea
but a genuine reality!!!!

- “Gavettix the Gaul” -