Managed services: definition

Running a business requires being versatile. You have to manage the secretariat, the accounting, the marketing at the same time. But sometimes, the simultaneous management of all these tasks is a real headache and you sometimes do not have the possibility of hiring staff dedicated to these activities. You then wonder if outsourcing your services would be a good idea. Fortunately, today it is possible to entrust certain missions to service providers, in particular the management of your information systems. It is about outsourcing. We will explain everything to you.

  • Outsourcing its services
    Outsourcing its services consists of offloading certain tasks by entrusting them to external service providers. Many activities can be outsourced from administration to accounting through IT.
    Outsourcing certain missions has many advantages such as cost reduction, business continuity as well as professional management of your information systems. You can then devote yourself entirely to the development of your business.
  • What is IT outsourcing?
    IT outsourcing is the outsourcing of the management of your information systems. This service supports the management and operation of your IT system, as well as its security and optimization.
    Managed services companies can manage all your hardware and your computer network, as well as your telecommunications networks and software. This service can be carried out remotely or on your premises, via the intervention of a technician. ), must be established between the two parties. It is not uncommon for a confidentiality clause to be added to the contract.

What services are offered by IT outsourcing companies?

  • The security of your information systems is essential. This is why your managed service provider will offer you to secure all your systems and networks. In addition, he will be able to take care of their surveillance. Thus, all your data will be safe, and your networks protected from external attacks.

    In order to guarantee the sustainability of your networks, the service provider will be able to ensure the maintenance of your computer equipment as well as its optimization. Your company will therefore always have high end information systems.

    Of course, a technical assistance service will surely be offered to you. A helpdesk will allow you to easily find help or technical support in the event of problems on your networks or your equipment.

Different models of managed services

There are different types of outsourcing. Thus, you can choose the one that best meets your expectations and needs. We will detail them for you.

  • Outsourcing of infrastructure or operations

    This type of outsourcing concerns the maintenance and supply of computer equipment, as well as the management of software and information systems.

  • Application outsourcing

    This is the operation and maintenance of business applications. Note that the managed services company can also develop new ones.

  • Partial outsourcing

    This outsourcing model consists of allowing the service provider to manage only part of the system. For example, it is possible to entrust only the management of software that you do not own. This is the outsourcing of application supplies.

  • Global outsourcing

    If you choose this type of outsourcing, you then entrust the entire management of your information systems to the service provider. This therefore includes infrastructure outsourcing, application outsourcing and application supply outsourcing.

What are the advantages of outsourcing?

Managed services have many advantages, especially those related to the outsourcing of the service.

Initially, outsourcing is of course a considerable time saver. By entrusting the management of your information systems to a service provider, the time and energy freed up can be fully used to manage and develop your company. In addition, outsourcing will obviously lead to a reduction in costs, with purchases and expenses related to IT equipment being reduced as much as possible.

One of the other major advantages of outsourcing is the know-how of the teams. Indeed, the outsourcing companies provide you with cutting edge experts in the field of information systems management. In addition, be aware that the hardware and your computer networks are regularly updated and optimized. Thus, you always have the most efficient information systems.

Finally, the fundamental advantage of an outsourcing service is the conservation and security of your data. Indeed, as soon as the service is set up, your service provider will save your important information so that it can be retrieved in the event of problems. In addition, it will ensure the security of your system in order to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your data. And of course, thanks to the helpdesk, you will find at any time, all the help you need in case of a problem. You can therefore always count on an assistance and technical support service.

What is a Managed Services Provider (MSP)?

A Managed Services Provider (MSP) is a company offering its services in IT outsourcing, hosting and integration of software solutions. It uses specific tools allowing the supervision of information systems.

The MSP offers you quality outsourcing thanks to the automation of its tasks and preventive action. In other words, your information systems are covered even before a problem occurs.

The MSP's services are mainly aimed at VSEs and SMEs, which often cannot recruit staff dedicated to their IT department. Despite everything, large companies can also call on an MSP for their outsourcing, which supports the internal service.

As you will understand, outsourcing its services, particularly in the management of information systems, is a particularly useful tool for small and large companies. IT outsourcing offers significant advantages such as reduced expenses, time optimization or even a guarantee of the durability and security of information systems. So if you are a business owner and want to focus only on the core business of your company, do not hesitate to call on an outsourcing service provider.