IKOULA vps virtual private servers

IKOULA's VPS virtual private server offers allow you to benefit from the power and flexibility of a dedicated server, while relieving you of the management of your computer equipment. We have more than 20 years of experience in web hosting and infrastructure management, which allows us to offer you, moreover, the guarantee of high performance and security.

VPS hosting, a turnkey service

  • Why choose a VPS server
    The VPS - Virtual Private Server - is an emulated server, which can also be called virtual machine (VM). It is based on the resources of a physical server within which each VPS has its own operating system, and benefits from access to part of the computing power, RAM but also computer space. storage.
    The VPS therefore allows you to host websites and software applications by isolating your data on a dedicated virtual machine. You benefit from the performance of the machine while maintaining autonomy and safety.
  • The advantages of VPS hosting
    You have access to the virtual machine's operating system, but not to the physical server. You are thus relieved of the management of the latter. In addition, different users have access to their own VPS without being able to access those of other users. Each VM is therefore perfectly separate and secure.
    Access to the full operating system gives you great flexibility. You can configure your virtual private server according to your preferences and needs since root and administrator permissions are not restricted.
    You can host several websites or also use additional services: mail server, FTP site, specialized applications for e-commerce ...

Flexibility of VPS servers

  • Services available

    IKOULA offers you many services allowing you to customize your virtual servers in order to precisely meet your needs:

    • - Hardware independence: no hardware management constraints.
    • - Administration interface: full administrator access to your server (history, real-time consumption statistics, configuration functions).
    • - Flexible resources: possible upgrade of the resources made available to you according to your project.
    • - Instant backup: creation of a backup of a disk at an instant T thanks to Snapshots.
    • - VHD backup: backup of your virtual hard disks (OS, data and Snapshots).

Additional compatible solutions

  • Managed services

    If you do not have sufficient technical expertise or if you simply lack the time to ensure the technical maintenance, monitoring, supervision and management of your infrastructures, opt for a virtual dedicated server managed by our teams of technical experts .
    We offer you an outsourcing contract, which will allow you to reduce your costs and free up your time to focus fully on the development of your business. Find out more

  • Cloud Backup

    Veeam is our IT backup and security solution dedicated to businesses. This solution guarantees a complete backup of all the data of your VPS. We can also cover the data protection of all your workstations, but also of your mobile devices. The entire activity of your company is then protected and secure. This gives you the assurance of rapid recovery and full recovery of your data when needed. Find out more

  • IKeepinCloud

    IKeepinCloud, IKOULA's online storage space, allows you to store and back up your data on a cloud server. Thus, all your data is protected from various possible material damages and is accessible and shareable from anywhere, at any time. This storage is carried out in our latest generation data centers in France, thus guaranteeing you to remain the owner of your data.
    Personalization also affects monitoring procedures, and the customer takes part in creating the specifications.
    IKeepinCloud is flexible since it is accessible via 7 computer communication protocols and does not require specific software to store and access your data.
    A wide choice of features also allows you to adjust the technical characteristics of your VPS: software configuration, DNS management, backup capacity, management of your network, etc. Find out more

A committed company offering quality service

Our specialists are at your disposal to determine with you the solution in total adequacy with your needs and your projects.
Our technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in France.
We embed the values we believe in on a daily basis in our company. We are therefore acting in an eco-responsible manner by reducing energy consumption in our data centers and supplying them with 100% renewable energy. We support associative projects that demonstrate innovation, creativity and humanity.