Why Choose Windows Server 2019 OS

The computer world continues to evolve at high speed, forcing users to regularly update their operating systems, applications and software. This need is even greater in the world of companies whose essential motivations lie in efficiency and security. To address these concerns Microsoft, in the same way that it offered individuals updates to Windows 10 for example, offers Windows Server 2019 dedicated to businesses.

Windows Server 2019 expectations turn out to be very specific
This new Windows Server operating system is a real innovation for companies insofar as it enables the sharing of data and services, while strengthening their protection and control by the administrators of their sites. These different parameters encourage companies to migrate from Windows Server 2016 to Windows Server 2019, which until now was not possible for them.

Windows Server 2019 system has many advantages

First of all, this new operating system allows updating from an already installed OS (Windows Server 2016, for example), without erasing the data that was on the server. This compatibility turns out to be a considerable advantage. Indeed, the possibility is even offered to go back to Windows Server 2012 in order to save data on Windows Server 2019.

Another advantage presented by Windows Server 2019 are security improvements. This enhanced protection can only satisfy companies that are constantly seeking to guard against attacks that threaten their data. This new system will inform them about attempts to hack their server and the untimely recovery of their data. These companies will then be able to do their best to defend themselves and even restore the affected files using the Windows Defender application.

The storage system is also significantly improved, in addition a very powerful feature is offered: the Storage Migration Service which allows you to migrate storage from an earlier version to Windows Server 2019. Finally, as the Azure Stack software was designed after Windows Server 2016, the latter could not benefit from the functionalities of this program. However, currently it can easily be integrated into Windows Server 2019 which considerably optimizes its speed and performance.

It seems undeniable that Windows Server 2019 is a real step forward compared to Windows Server 2016. Its proven performance can only encourage companies to migrate to this tool.

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