How to install a WireGuard® VPN in 1 click on your Micro server?

WireGuard® is an open-source VPN solution using the latest encryption technology which is rising in popularity. WireGuard® VPNs stand out for their speed, simplicity and, above all, the security they provide. The main advantage of this solution is to be able to quickly set up a secure network tunnel on a Raspberry or another dedicated server.

The WireGuard® VPN solution takes the opposite of its predecessors. It is user-friendly and easy to use, and also strenghtens security.

Virtual Private Server

Why use a VPN?

Today, the reasons for using a VPN are numerous, whether for simple purpose of anonymity, security or to avoid geolocation, it is a tool more and more widely used by all and especially in companies.
The growing trend of remote work has given VPN a new meaning. To ensure business continuity, companies must provide their employees with a secure environment and, above all, maintain access to all professional tools, often accessible only through the company network. VPN helps alleviate this situation and allows all employees to carry out their assignments from virtually anywhere, while ensuring the integrity of the corporate network.

WireGuard® VPN on Raspberry Pi

A WireGuard® tunnel can is very easy to install on your Raspberry Pi server. WireGuard® application recently entered our OneClick catalog.

WireGuard® vs OpenVPN

WireGuard® VPNs are a new type of secure network tunnel, it aims to replace the use of IPSec as well as TLS-based solutions (like OpenVPN for example). WireGuard® VPN offers better performance, better ergonomics and a higher level of security.

The strong points of WireGuard® VPN

Lighter:A WireGuard® VPN tunnel is based on a light code base of only 4000 lines of code. It therefore requires little resources to install.

More efficient:WireGuard® VPNs have better performance than VPNs based on old technologies (TLS ...)

Faster and safer:The connection speed is better than with a current consumer VPN protocol. On the other hand, since WireGuard® runs on the kernel space, it provides a high speed secure network.

More confidentiality:The data transmission is carried out via a UDP protocol (User Datagram Protocol) and not with the TCP protocol as usual. This protocol, although less resource intensive, supports all the latest encryption technologies (Noise / Curve25519 / ChaCha20 / Poly1305 / BLAKE2 / SipHash24 / HKDF…)

Less energy consuming:The WireGuard® VPN does not transmit data when not in use, thus reducing power consumption.