What is datacenter co-location? (Housing)

The importance of IT systems for companies is well established. However, limited space and resources often prevent VSEs and SMEs from acquiring this essential equipment, which also requires the establishment of a dedicated management team.

The solution lies in the co-location of the datacenter, allowing for the hosting of the entire IT infrastructure of a company. What is Housing ?

Co-location of a datacenter is a method that is increasingly popular with companies that have neither the resources nor the space to install a computer system. Also called housing, this solution aims to rent a private or shared space in a datacenter. In this way, it becomes possible to take advantage of all the services of a hosting provider, as well as the IT infrastructures essential for the proper functioning of a company.

What are the advantages of IKOULA’s
housing solutions

Maximum security

Private or shared rooms are placed under video surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are accessible through a unique and personalised access code. On the other hand, by opting for co-location in a datacenter, each client benefits from a high-quality Internet and telecom network. The reliability of the power supply and air conditioning make this solution the most efficient method for companies to outsource their IT systems effectively with maximum security.

Streamlined IT costs

IKOULA's housing provides a high degree of flexibility, as companies can rent only the space and equipment they need, ranging from 1U to dedicated server racks. Moreover, IKOULA's Housing packages include power supply and Internet connection.

A service available at all times

Work on computer equipment in an IKOULA datacenter can take place at any time, since the rooms are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, maintenance may be carried out by the host's technicians, at the client’s request.

How should you choose your host?

The Housing solution

As you can see, datacenter co-location offers a wide range of possibilities for companies with limited space and resources. However, to facilitate access to the computer system and perform the required operations, it is preferable to use a hosting provider near your premises. Even if your service provider can still be reached by phone or email, this proximity is definitely an advantage for clients.

Feel free to ask about the services offered by the host. Can they accept delivery of your equipment? Can they ensure the restarting of your equipment, the cabling of your equipment or the replacement of defective parts? All these services represent a considerable time saving, which must not be underestimated.

To benefit from a solution that meets your needs, make sure that the spaces for rent correspond to your needs. Some hosting providers offer the rental of a whole bay, a half bay or simply a unit, for the least developed computer systems.

At IKOULA, the solution is based on two solutions: a shared or dedicated solution. The shared solution allows you to rent spaces of one or two units while the dedicated solution allows you to rent entire physical server racks that correspond to spaces of 22 to 46 units.

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