How to store files online?

The personal data present on your computers is often highly important: your photos, your videos, your administrative documents, your bills, and your work, etc. However, it is always fairly easy to lose these files, the reasons for this being multiple: machine failure, loss or theft of the device, incorrect handling, hacking, etc. It is therefore important to regularly backup your files to ensure that your data will not be lost.
In addition to protecting your files from potential incidents, online storage allows you to access these files remotely from any device, perfect, for example, for showing your latest holiday photos to your family.

What are the advantages
of IKOULA’s online storage solutions?

The security of the solutions

The main feature sought after in online storage is security. IKOULA allows you to easily protect your data. The IKOULA policy pays particular attention to looking after your data, both through the management of our highly secure data centres and in the construction of our offers and the advice provided by our sales representatives to ensure you get the best solution for your needs.

Customer service

IKOULA does everything possible to support its customers and ensure they have best experience possible. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and technicians are ready to intervene in less than an hour. Furthermore, thanks to the different monitoring solutions offered by our network, the IKOULA teams can act as soon as a problem is identified, even before you become aware of it.

Hosted in France

By hosting your files with IKOULA you will keep your data close to you. The IKOULA data centres are based in France (Champagne-Ardenne and Hauts-de-France) and are governed by the European General Data Protection Regulation.

How to choose the right storage solution?IKOULA offers two online storage solutions: iKeepinCloud and NAS storage servers.

iKeepinCloud is the turnkey storage solution. You don’t need to do anything apart from move the files you want to backup to it. You can then recover your files whenever you want and from any device, share them, or work on them either alone or in a group (collaborative work), etc. The use of the open source OwnCloud application allows more technical users to customise the use of this storage space. This trusted solution is perfectly secure thanks to the duplication of your files in two versions on two different dedicated servers constantly monitored by our technical teams.
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NAS storage server
The NAS storage server solution is a fully dedicated solution that gives you access to a server hosted in our highly secure data centres. This solution grants you much more freedom as, having complete access to the machine, you can deploy your applications and customise your storage method as you wish. Furthermore, these Synology servers natively have an interface (DSM firmware) for simple access and use, allowing you to access your files from any device and any location so that you can share your files with whomever you like and customise access authorisations with optimum security. This solution will give you access to a large storage space (2 TB or 4 x 2 TB depending on the product selected, with configuration in RAID mode possible) at a more favourable price than a Cloud solution with similar storage. Its usage possibilities are also infinite: photo storage, sharing holiday photos, video streaming, document archiving, etc.
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