IoT : What is Internet of Things

Nowadays, more and more devices are connected and able to use Internet to interract with people. That concept is named « Internet of Things » and is really growing in IT sectors. It defines the ability of objects to interract with each others. Let's get an overview of IoT, the applications related and the infrastructure needed.

Internet of Things : définition

IoT defines every object (watch, car, buildings...) with an electronic chip, an Internet connexion and a sensor allowing to share, broadcast or receive datas..

It is possible to remote control those object through a network. Automationis the perfect exemple of what is IoT : Your connected lights, heating system or electric shutters are connected to a central, which receive and send data to the other connected devices, and allows you to remote control thanks to a WiFi connexion..

IoT matches a large range of application, whether there are for professionals or individuals.

IoT aplpications

IoT allows you for instance to use a smatphone to manage all your connected devices at home. Nevertheless, we could think to different usages : Secure your home, thanks to a security system (alarms and cameras). But also to connect daily objects as weighs, sports devices, fridges (for instance recent one are able to order food for you when its empty).

If IoT aims to ease your daily life, it could also be used for businesses. Indeed, it allows to strongly increase productivity by automationthrough the ability of objects to interract with people through an Internet network.

Other secters are also concerned by Internet of Things. For instance, that concept improve the medical monitoring, (for instance a connected pacemaker). It is not Science-fiction any more, IoT is already present in our lifes. Nevertheless, to fully use that technology, you'll need a tailored infrastructure.

Which infrastructure for IoT ?

Data flows management, messages processing, management of connected objects or external transfers, the use of IoT involves a a powerful and sometimes complex infrastructure. The companies willing to develop an IoT application must choose performing servers, able to manage a certain amount of connexions.

For large scopes' projects, IKOULA provides high performance dedicated servers, as the Xtreme or GPU ranges, built for Big Data, AI and IoT.

Cloud IKOULA One, the Cloud offer by IKOULA allows to deploy specific instances, equiped with high tech CPUs (to 5Ghz) tailored for an intensiv CPU's usage.

Thanks to high performances, powerful graphic cards and an important storage capacity, those machines matches the needs for IoT.

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