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Choose a VPS server to manage professional messaging

What is a VPS server?

The acronym stands for Virtual Private Server in English, for virtual private server. This is a worldwide hosting formula that combines the technical advantages of a dedicated server with lighter pricing, while giving this flexibility to the development of the website (s). The physical server managed by the host is partitioned into virtual machines, each hosting a website (or a set of sites from the same customer) and having its own resources. Thus, when the customer has his website hosted, with e-mail addresses, he enjoys full control over the operating system and better security than with low-cost web hosting.

Professional messaging needs

If the customer is running a business website, often for a business purpose, they often need an email system. This system allows him to carry out e-mailing campaigns and take advantage of the advantages of marketing automation (automated sending of messages and statistics of open rates).

It is quite possible to run e-mail campaigns from a web address like Gmail or Hotmail, but these methods are insecure and often fail to pass the barrier of spam filters. While most commercial emails fall into spam boxes, the marketing investments generate no financial return.

The advantages of VPS for business messaging

Thanks to the personalized configuration possibilities offered by VPS hosting, setting up efficient messaging systems is easier. However, to obtain a satisfactory result, we must not forget to respect certain protocols. This is because when inboxes receive an e-mail, they check the sender's IP address, as well as their reputation. The issue of reputation is important on the Internet because too many abuses occur on a daily basis (hacking, hooking , harassment). This reputation is used to filter messages and eliminate dangerous ones.

If the filter sees an IP address with no reputation sending out massive messages with commercial content and clickable links or even attachments, it is likely to send the message to the spam box.

To avoid this trap, add DNS (Domain Name System) records in the mail configuration to improve the reputation of the server's IP address:

  • SMTP (Server Mail Transfer Protocol), which is the basis for transferring messages to e-mail addresses. In recent years, SMTP has been authenticated (port 587) in order to prevent messages from being sent massively from computers infected with viruses.
  • The SPF (Sender Policy Fra mework) which is used to prevent malicious people from using the client's domain name to send their spam messages. Thanks to the SPF, we define a list of servers authorized to use the client's domain name to send messages .
  • A DKIM ( DomainKeys Identified Mails) key used to check the server's authorization to send messages.

With these clarifications, we understand that basic web hosting does not provide the security necessary to avoid computer attacks and to pass through spam filters, especially those used by large businesses or organizations.

The separate VPS for messaging

In order to increase the security and performance of VPS hosting, it is possible to separate the services. Thus, the client's website (s) can be hosted on a VPS server, while the corresponding messaging (s) are hosted on another VPS server. In this way, a technical problem affecting one (piracy ) will not affect the other.

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