Outsourcing for businesses

If you are a company, you need to manage efficiently your network to speed your development. Therefore, outsourcing is a great way to begin, even if your company already has an IT service. Indeed, for a business owner, relying on an expert managed services company will make time to take care of the core business. Those expert will be able to well target the technologies and the applications that will better serve the company goals.

What is Outsourcing ?

More and more companies appeal on managed services. It is in fact, the ability to manage the entire IS for a customer company. It is also called outsourcing or externalisation. The company willing to trust an external expert to manage its infrastructure could then entirely focus on its core business. Plus, it gives an expert protection against hacking or potential bugs which cause important slow down in terms of production. The outsourcing is subject to a contract.

All companies may have to request the outsourcing of their technical maintenance. For example, in the context of an SME, using an outsourcer will limit all the risk of breakdowns. But in addition, the SME will be able to benefit from a continuous maintenance service as well as a computer network of high performance and adapted to its needs. It will be possible for the company manager to ask the internal IT management department to manage some ancillary maintenance activities while the rest will be reserved for the outsourcing company. In this case, it is called selective outsourcing.

Regardless of how a company chooses to take advantage of outsourcing, you should know that this mode of IT maintenance is a real gold mine for companies. This can be seen in particular in terms of growth. This is why outsourcing is becoming more and more popular in the corporate world.

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How to entrust the management of its computer park?
Now more than ever, the data we leave on the Internet is sensitive and should not fall into the wrong hands. This is even more the case when this data relates to a company. However, entrusting the management of its IT department to an external service provider will require some notions of caution. First, the geographical proximity of the outsourcing company is essential because it is sometimes necessary that the intervention be immediate or, at least, very fast.

Before signing a contract with an outsourcing company, the entrepreneur will need to feel confident with his future outsourcer. If he already enjoys a good reputation in the industry, it will greatly facilitate his hiring. In addition, the outsourced manager employee must be able to provide the company for which he works with reports of his activities. These should be crystal clear. An outsourcer must also prove its reliability in the technical field but also be able to make itself available if the company urgently requires its services. Finally, you should know that a quality outsourcing contract includes, on the part of the outsourcing company, IT advice allowing the sponsoring company to be able to manage itself if it is faced with to an emergency.
How to choose your outsourced company?
While many companies today decide to opt for outsourcing, it is not always easy to know which outsourcing company will be best suited to the needs of the business. An outsourcer must be able to adapt both to the specificities of his client, to his needs, but also to the constraints that may be inherent in the company seeking expertise. It is therefore necessary to analyze some essential criteria before entrusting the supervision of your IT system to an external company.
This is certainly one of the most important criteria in choosing an outsourcing company. The head of the sponsoring company will prefer to entrust the management of its IT department to an external company that will be close, geographically speaking. Why ? So that the service provider employed is able to intervene quickly in an emergency. Proximity will also help establish a relationship of trust between the two parties since physical meetings will be easier. From a purely technical point of view, many business leaders are more reassured to know that their confidential data is entrusted to French data centers.
This is another essential, if not unavoidable, criterion. The outsourcing company must be responsive, especially if the sponsoring company suffers from an act of hacking or a system failure. It must be able to send as quickly as possible a technician on site who will put all his expertise to restore the computer system as quickly as possible. In the event that the outsourcing company does not have a technician available, it will have to set up a helpdesk solution by allowing the IT maintenance management service available internally to the company to be able to resolve the problem. itself, by being accompanied by computer assistance.
It will be necessary to be able to verify the know-how and expertise of the outsourcing company in the maintenance of IT systems. An outsourcing company with no experience is not necessarily incompetent, but it is often found that a service provider without expertise is a source of embarrassment for the company. Indeed, the latter may prove to be incapable of managing acts of piracy, breakdowns or even priorities. It is therefore essential that business leaders interested in outsourcing technical maintenance learn upstream about the experience of service providers.
The last criterion is also important. It is more than necessary for an outsourcer to listen to his or her customer (s). Why ? Because this is the best way to offer tailor-made services to businesses by identifying their real needs.

What services does a company specializing in managed services?

The interest of turning apple into an outsourcing company is the answer to the expectations of companies who decide to outsource the management of their IT service. To do this, an outsourcing provider offers several services: continuous maintenance of the company's IT system, securing the IT network and systems as well as updating software and applications in order to optimize the performance of the company. IT infrastructure.

In order to complement its services, a company specializing in outsourcing can also provide permanent technical assistance. This applies in particular to the employees of the company who have requested these outsourcing services. This allows the internal management department to be relieved of certain activities. In other words, it is about delegating certain tasks to the external company. In addition to outsourcing, the company will offer other services such as network management, telecommunications, data backup as well as advice tailored to large groups as well as SMEs. An outsourcing company must be able to find solutions to each problem given by a company. By responding to the specific needs of said business, it will quickly realize the rapid return on investment. This is why an outsourcing specialist takes into account several important criteria such as the company's workflow, its marketing strategies, its management strategy and also its favorite communication methods.

The importance of favoring a multitasking provider

When it comes to outsourcing the management of your IT department and therefore, the security of your data, it is always preferable to look to an outsourcing company that offers a wide range of services. It is therefore fashionable to favor companies that will be specialized in:

  • Outsourcing, that is to say the IT infrastructure, supervision and support in the event of failure and IT assistance.
  • IT security or more precisely the resolution of hacking acts but also security audits, general data protection regulations (GDPR) or even the IT systems security policy (ISSP).
  • Database management, including open source SQL, Oracles and SQL servers, Big Date no SQL.

By choosing a company that meets all of its specializations, the sponsoring company will be able to count on highly qualified experts who will be able to take care of its IT department in ensuring database security and in ensuring the maintenance of the IT equipment.

What are the challenges of outsourcing?

If a company chooses to entrust the management of its IT department to an external company, it is to relieve itself of certain tasks and, thus, to make itself more available to others. This therefore translates into growth in efficiency, performance and results. Bringing in an outside company allows the business to maintain business performance. And thanks to the applications and new features offered by the outsourcing company, the production process remains healthy.

Outsourcing IT service management gives the business owner the confidence that facilities are secure and that there will be no data leaks. But in addition, it allows him to control the expenses of the computer system more effectively.

What is the impact of outsourcing on a business?

Depending on the needs of the business, an outsourcing company can manage all or part of the IT system. This means that it can simultaneously manage your emails, control the entire computer network, administer all computers and data, administer the company's website, manage schedules and agendas for all collaborators, etc. All of these tasks are crucial for the smooth running of the business because if company emails are no longer being sent, it can impact productivity. Likewise, a business loses customers if its phone stops working or if its data is lost.

You should know that the list of problems related to technical and computer problems can quickly become long and repercussions. While new technologies, new software and new applications save businesses time and money today, the effect is reversed when all of these new technological advances no longer work. This is why outsourcing is ideal for making business life and day-to-day management easier.

The different types of outsourcing

There are two types of outsourcing offered by specialized companies and requested by companies.

Full Outsourcing

The companies willing to entrust their entire IT department to an external company often choose global outsourcing. Indeed, working with an expert is a guarantee that they will have the necessary expertise and the capacity to take care of all the functions of development, processing, operation, maintenance of computer equipment or even website creation.

Partial outsourcing

Global outsourcing is the service to which companies turn when they want to outsource the management of their IT department to an external company. This means that the said company will have the necessary expertise and the capacity to take care of all the functions of development, processing, operation, maintenance of computer equipment or even website creation.

The advantages of using an outsourcing company

If more and more companies are using outsourcing companies, it is because the benefits are numerous. In addition to making it possible to find solutions to IT problems more calmly but above all more quickly, outsourcing guarantees the company that uses its services to always be up to date in the field of data management. personal but also at the level of safety standards.

Using a company specializing in outsourcing is an important strategy for a business since it will allow it to focus on its own expertise. Among the advantages of using an outsourcing company, it should be noted:

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Cost optimization
An outsourcing company makes a challenge to offer a quality service that will be adapted both to the needs of the sponsoring company but also to its budget. The outsourcing of managed services allows the company to make significant savings. Instead of investing considerable sums in the recruitment and training of employees dedicated to the IT management department, instead of acquiring expensive equipment and software, the company could ask an external company to do all of this. for it, while personalizing its IT infrastructures. Generally, it is possible to employ an employee to do this type of work, but it costs more than using an external service provider. Why ? Because the outsourcing company will adapt to the real needs of the business, which can range from a few hours a month to several days.
Data backup and security
The outsourcing provider takes care of quickly and inexpensively backing up a company's essential data in data centers. It does this even before optimizing the company's IT infrastructure, software or networks. Thus, it protects them from theft, disasters but also intrusions and hacks. This in no way prevents them from being available at all times and easily accessible when needed. At the same time, the outsourcing service provider will take care of securing and protecting a company's entire IT infrastructure. This is the key to outsourcing: save, secure and improve.
Benefit from the experience of an expert
Benefiting from the expertise of an outsourcing company is one of the most important benefits identified. The sponsoring company will thus benefit from listening to a competent team who will help them solve problems related to the computer system. In addition, this team will be able to provide all the advice necessary for the proper functioning of the park on a daily basis.
Have access to cutting-edge technology
By choosing to outsource IT service management, a company can benefit from a state-of-the-art, optimal and efficient system. Since the outsourcing companies are equipped with the latest technologies and know all the applicable standards and laws, they will be able to make a company's IT system even more efficient. This performance will be further improved thanks to the expertise of outsourcing specialists who, in their field, are constantly confronted with all types of bugs and problems.
Fast support
Another advantage of taking advantage of outsourcing is being able to count on the company employed in the event of a problem. The company will be able to send you all the expert panel you need to deal with IT issues, whether it concerns a bug, a localized or widespread failure or a hacking attempt.
Cost optimization
If this concerns cost reduction, it is mainly at the fiscal level that it happens. The purchase of computer equipment can represent a significant burden on a company's budget and the company must be able to finance this purchase in the medium and long term. By using an outsourcing company, the company also outsources IT equipment, keeping only the bare essentials in-house. In terms of taxation, this outsourcing will result in external charges, instead of fixed assets. This can sometimes be very beneficial.
A real time saver
This is perhaps the most important part: using an outsourcing company saves a lot of time. IT issues can become time consuming. By using an external company, a company no longer needs to deal with these issues internally and can therefore devote itself to other tasks.