Why choose VPS hosting ?

The VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is a hybrid server that is both dedicated and shared. In practical terms, it is a physical machine nestled in a data center that hosts several independent virtual servers, which share the resources of the main server. Each emulated VPS server hosts a website on the client's own operating system so that its operation does not impact the performance of other virtual servers and vice versa. Each customer who has subscribed to VPS hosting only has access to their server but has access to the system delivered, hence the similarity with a dedicated server.

How VPS hosting works

The resources of a physical server shared by the virtual servers we are talking about here are storage, RAM, and processor. The management and release of resources between VPS hosting users as well as the preservation of the tightness and confidentiality between servers are carried out by virtualization software. VPS hosting offers the ease of installation by the ability to clone, move and back up in a whole (data, application, and operating system). Moving a VPS hosting to a physical server does not require a complete reconfiguration.

The virtualization of VPS hosting means privacy and flexibility without costing as much as a dedicated server. This technology allows each subscriber to be assigned the RAM they requested while managing the physical server

Why choose VPS hosting for your business?

For a business, choosing VPS hosting has advantages on many levels, if only in terms of safety and performance. Virtualization of VPS hosting is also an economical solution.

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Optimized security with VPS hosting
See is an important criterion for a company and the VPS server can guarantee a high level of security. The security flaws in a VPS hosting usually come from a poorly made configuration, but the problem no longer arises with VPS hosting since it benefits from the protection that has been installed for the physical server. Only you have access to your files and neither the processor nor the RAM will be shared, so the preservation of your sensitive data is total. The security of VPS hosting also concerns identity that is often exploited illegally and online payments subject to scams whose risk is almost zero with a VPS server. The independence and autonomy offered by VPS hosting saves users from problems that arise at the level of other sites using the same main hosting.
VPS Hosting rhymes with increased performance
The VPS hosting does not know the problems of slowing down as is the case with a shared server when excessive consumption of resources of some customers affects the speed in others. Traffic spikes among other VPS server users have no impact on the frequency of your movements. You have your own operating system that you can control and are free to install the software, scripts or utilities you need while having root ssh access and complementary features of hosting VPS.

The configuration of VPS hosting is simplified and even customizable. The speed of transmission and operation of sites in general is convincing, which is interesting for companies with high data traffic.

In addition, a privatization of VPS hosting offers the customer the opportunity to multiply its virtual servers from existing ones. The storage capacity is important and scalable with a VPS server, you can ask for as much space as you like and expand it to suit your needs. In the event of a breakdown, VPS hosting provides a fast and complete restoration of customer data.
Administrative independence of VPS accommodation
For a business, it's not uncommon to have to manage multiple IP addresses and it's possible with VPS hosting. The latter allows, like a traditional dedicated server, the installation of services and applications as well as access to free services such as updating, setting up and maintaining your server. The level of battery life of a VPS server is similar to that offered by a dedicated server when access to the core is included in the subscription.

Suss systematic file backup is one of the biggest benefits that VPS hosting brings to a company. The independence of each site would be both in terms of disk space and bandwidth

The benefits of VPS hosting?

In so that VPS hosting is therefore a hybrid between dedicated and shared, it takes advantage of the advantages of both, especially in terms of security during malicious computer attacks thanks to anti-DDOS protection. The price of a VPS server remains competitive even if it has several advantages specific to a dedicated server. Given the many features that customers can access, VPS hosting presents an interesting opportunity in terms of value for money. Because the resources for each user of a VPS hosting are set in advance based on requests, there is never a performance issue. Theoretically, customers of a VPS hosting benefit from the minimum that is due to them but in practice it is better than that since the hypervisor systematically restores unused systems on those who use the same physical server.

If we consider the price criterion, VPS hosting is a good understanding between the dedicated server and the shared server while combining the strengths. Thus, the VPS server benefits from the performance of a dedicated server and the level of security of the shared server but at a lower cost. In addition, setting up a virtual server is faster and easier for web hosts.

Opter for a VPS server is an advantageous solution for a company since it meets all the requirements of web hosting such as multisite management, sandbox, extranet, CRM hosting, hosting communication or data systems, application hosting, showcase site, e-commerce site and many others.

VPS hosting, for whom?

In general, the VPS server is of interest to companies whose data traffic and site growth remain substantial for the resources of a shared server and not enough to require those of a dedicated server. For developers, the VPS server represents the best perspective in terms of cost, security, battery life or performance. The VPS server is suitable for large-scale web projects that require a personalized but cost-effective hosting solution. It is particularly suitable for experienced server-operating users and medium-sized businesses operating on an open network, such as online shops and community sites. Updating a virtual VPS server is simple and does not require data migration, resources can be readjusted if your needs change upwards or downwards. The rapid relocation of resources, as well as the retention of data, does not require any intervention or manipulation on your part, it is the hypervisor that takes care of it. You don't have to manage your VPS.

The criteria for choosing your VPS hosting

There are parameters to consider when choosing VPS hosting for your business. Here are the main criteria you should consider:

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The operating system of a VPS hosting
It's a first step to know if the host offers the OS used by your services, namely Linux or Windows, to ensure compatibility.
The availability of VPS hosting
Virtualization natively allows for high availability to ensure overall performance and speed of the site. A slow or recurring outage will have an impact on the SEO on google. Your VPS hosting provider must guarantee a minimum availability of 99% of your server, on the one hand by setting up a solution to prevent malfunctions (UPS, generator, air conditioning system ...) and on the other hand by the introduction of an automatic backup. In addition, the host must provide a technical service and permanent assistance in the event of an anomaly, which must be restored in a record time specified at the signing of the VPS hosting contract
The location of servers
This criterion is often ignored by users, yet it is of paramount importance first of all for data protection because the regulations are different from one location to another in terms of the confidentiality of the latter. In addition, the quality of the connection of your VPS hosting will depend on the proximity of the location of the data centers. To hope for a high level of security, opt for a VPS server with a firewall farm. Security devices should facilitate data recovery but also prevent hacking and leakage.
The possibilities for the evolution of VPS hosting
A scalable VPS hosting offer is interesting because it allows you to resize your VPS so that you have more resources and a more efficient server that's right for your platform's growth.
The cost of VPS hosting
The companies often opt for the VPS server for the savings it allows them to achieve because, in fact, this solution is more affordable than a dedicated hosting. Some hosts offer a free trial period, which allows you to evaluate the VPS hosting offer and change it if it doesn't fit your needs without paying anything
The technical features of the VPS hosting offer
The technical characteristics are just as important as speed and performance. You need to look at storage space, processor, IP addresses, RAM and data transfer and make sure it meets your needs.
The scalable technologies of VPS hosting
CMS and server hardware are constantly evolving; your host must be up to date on industry technology innovations to comply with the standard and ensure an up-to-date offer. As a client, you have the right to access information about the provider's investment in research and development.
Customer service in VPS hosting
A company is never spared from a breakdown or a technical concern on the equipment, it is therefore essential, to reduce its impact on your site, to choose a provider renowned for its responsiveness, its speed of intervention, the professionalism of its team and whose customer service is impeccable.

When to opt for VPS hosting ?

In general, companies choose to switch from a shared server to VPS hosting when the need for speed becomes more consequential. A slowdown occurs when the content of your website increases as is the case for WordPress users who operate a lot of database. A load that takes more and more time is a sign that you should consider underwriting a more efficient hosting, in this case a VPS if you use a shared server. The more your site progresses, the more it is visited, which requires a solution that evolves with the increase in traffic.

Free VPS hosting

It is possible to find free VPS server offers, but don't expect the same quality as a paid solution. The difference is mainly in terms of robustness, performance, and power. In addition, customer service is limited or non-existent for non-paying VPS server users. The risk of hacking is also higher because there is no specific protection for the data. This option may be interesting but carries risks.

What to remember about hosting VPS

Being customizable, VPS hosting is also :

  • Reliable and fast
  • Protected from traffic peaks
  • Do a dedicated memory that reduces, or even completely avoids, a fluctuation of resources
  • Serurized and locked against attacks
  • Garanti for file privacy
  • Facial to install and configure
  • Performer (bandwidth, CPU, storage, RAM)

For its attractive cost, VPS hosting is an excellent alternative to the dedicated server in terms of privacy, accessibility, security, and performance. The cost-saving process is an essential criterion for small start-ups with a limited budget that cannot invert in a dedicated server