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Why use an open source messaging solution like zimbra?

Having become essential in companies, communities and associations, collaborative messaging applications ensure the efficiency of professional electronic exchanges. They save precious time for all employees and thus increase their productivity. Constantly evolving, Open Source Messaging solutions stand out today by a growing number of ever more efficient features.

Versatility of services and top technical quality for open source messaging

Adopting collaborative messaging facilitates communication between members of the same structure and promotes remote data sharing regardless of the recipient's equipment . More and more advanced, open source messaging systems are fully capable of meeting these requirements thanks to their comprehensive and high-quality service offerings.

Opting for responsiveness and flexibility of a scalable open source implementation

As opposed to proprietary software, free software is known to provide more freedom to its users. The access to the source code of free software allows IT developers with the flexibility p our optimum integration of the solution in the structure of the information system. The tool is also perfectly adaptable to the trades or the needs of the company. Developed by a community of independent developers, messaging services regularly benefit from the latest improvements to ensure a dynamic and responsive evolution of the solution.

Open source collaborative messaging software supports the management of a large number of electronic mailboxes as well as a large message storage capacity which allows the processing of a large volume of information. Messaging services are designed to be perfectly accessible both on the web and on many mobile devices (smartphones , tablets, etc.) in order to facilitate their consultation and remote management by mobile users.

Work with a versatile and powerful messaging tool

Messaging software differs in particular by the number and usefulness of the features offered. In this area, Zimbra is one of the most complete open source collaborative solutions. The quality and versatility of its services are in fact based on:

  • an easy-to-use and intuitive messaging system for sending and receiving e-mails
  • an instant messaging or chat to converse in real time
  • shared tools such as integrated agendas and calendars
  • one sharing data with controlled sharing of files and documents trav garlic
  • a company directory service to facilitate contact management
  • a nice storage space for archiving and saving professional documents on the email account ...

A reliable open source solution at very competitive prices

With its varied and efficient service offering, the Zimbra solution is seen as the main open source alternative to Microsoft Exchange. Its particularly attractive prices are an additional advantage to convince structures of all sizes, such as small or large companies.

Switch to open source collaborative messaging with confidence

Very popular, Zimbra collaborative messaging has now proven its worth. The solution benefits from excellent anti-virus and anti-spam protections and can be accompanied by a backup procedure to be performed in real time from the web interface, rapid data restoration or encryption of electronic exchanges in order to secure business communications.

Its installation is also compatible with many operating systems (Linux, Mac, Windows ...) and web browsers. Its extensions' application programming interfaces (APIs), called Zimlets , make it easy to open many third-party applications. The solution also includes migration wizards adapted for a possible transition of your data to Zimbra.

Save money with open source software

For equivalent messaging options , open source solutions generally offer lower prices than proprietary software.

Open source development tools make it possible to save on the price of licenses as well as on the costs linked to the integration of the solution into the company's information system. The installation savings are even greater when the solution is deployed in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, i.e. from a remote company server. . A reduction in operating costs is also observed in the costs of data storage, software updates and support due to a reduction in technical bottlenecks and greater autonomy for IT managers.

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