Dedicated servers for a low price

Customizable and professional dedicated servers for a low price.
Tailored for performance, with a great value for money.

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A performing server for a great value for money

Starter IKL

Intel® Xeon® E3-1220
  • PROCESSOR Intel® Celeron® G3900
    1 CPU (2C/2T) @2,8 GHz
  • RAM 8 GB DDR4

  • €19.99EX VAT/MONTH



Intel® Xeon® E3-1220
  • PROCESSOR Raspberry Pi 4 ARM v8
    1 CPU (4C) @1,5GHz
  • RAM 4 GB DDR4
  • INCLUDEDIPv6 (option IPv4)
  • €9.99EX VAT/MONTH


Agile S

Intel® Xeon® E3-1220
  • PROCESSOR Intel® Xeon® E3 1220v5
    1 CPU (4C/4T) @3 GHz
  • RAM 8 GB DDR4
  • INCLUDED GeForce GT 710 1 GB
  • €29.99EX VAT/MONTH


You want to manage your own dedicated server, without spending hundreds of euros each month?

These servers show the perfect combination of innovation and performance for an affordable investment. They match plenty of uses, no matter you need to host a simple website or e-mail server, or if you're searching for a video-computing machine. There's inevitably the server which fits all your needs !

Enjoying your own dedicated server for less than €10 / month is now possible, thanks to our microserver based on Raspberry Pi 4 technology. Develop your project or save your files on a microserver and enjoy our professional infrastructures, with a 1 GO bandwith and a support team available 24/7.

Services available with our Ikoula dedicated servers. A wide range of possibilities to customize your servers.
  • "Client portal" interface

    Your account, your benefits, billing management, followed by the monitoring and performance on a single interface.

  • 24/7 technical assistance

    Our support teams are available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week by e-mail and phone, in Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

  • Monitoring server

    Analysis and monitoring of your dedicated servers. MRTG, KPI, graphics performance statistics available from the client portal.

  • RAID hardware

    Most of our servers are equipped with RAID hardware, offering simplicity, reliability and performance.

  • KVM over IP

    Power range has a KVM over IP standard. Even disconnected you always have access to the screen, keyboard and mouse of your server.

  • Wide range of OS

    A wide range of OS is available: Linux, BSD, or Windows Server, and Hyper-V, CoreOS, and VMWare ESXi virtualization systems.

Choose the right dedicated server Essential for the progress of your site.

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Definition of dedicated server
A dedicated server is a machine (Chassis) of which you are the sole owner and of which you control the administration (admin / root access / admin). As a single user you benefit from all the resources available, and are not limited in the installation of your applications: CRM, website, Prestashop, Wordpress, messaging, ...)
The dedicated vs shared server
The shared server corresponds to the sub-part of a machine, rented to several customers. Apart from the fact that its price is very attractive, shared hosting is recommended for showcase sites or sites with little traffic. Indeed, the values (disk space, number of email accounts) are predefined and limited, and certain applications are not supported (eg specific PHP modules). For professional use, we recommend choosing a dedicated server with guaranteed resources (CPU, RaM, IP, disk space) and faster disk access time for better availability of your applications. You are in charge of the administration of your web server which gives you full control of the configuration. (For a simplified administration interface, see our Plesk Panel offer).
Why choose a dedicated server at Ikoula
Ikoula is a major player in hosting present since 1998 and a pioneer of Cloud Computing in France. Our dedicated servers are classified n ° 1 by the Ip-Label classification of dedicated accommodation *. French host, we are also the owner of our Datacenter (and therefore our machines) in France (Champagne-Ardennes and Picardy). Ikoula provides you with qualified commercial and technical staff who are available to advise and support you in all your projects. Our support, based in our Datacenters, intervenes 24/7/365 in the event of a problem.
The Xeon server
The range of Xeon servers that we offer is intended for web agencies, software publishers and VSEs / SMEs that need significant resources both in terms of the computing power of the processors, as well as the random access memory (RAM), without forgetting the storage capacity. Our Xeon E5 servers are of the latest generation and delivered turnkey (machine manufacturer), they offer a hardware raid space and the possibility of performing virtualization.
Synology server
Synology storage servers allow you to save, synchronize and share all your documents from your computer or other devices. Your Synology then becomes your centralized storage server. You can also make your Synology server a monitoring station. Equipped with 2 camera licenses ( see compatible camera models not supplied ) and free IP devices, the Synology acts as a home, business or business monitoring hub. Finally, thanks to the intuitive DSM 6.0 interface, you have more than one hundreds of applications available .
Dedicated servers on promotion
The servers on promotion are generally the machines of the previous generation, which offer a report quality- unbeatable price. It is the ideal solution for developers, Webmaster and independent integrators, in order to have a cheap dedicated server.
The dedicated server vs VPS
The VPS or virtual private server is a solution that combines comfort, flexibility, and simplicity. In fact, thanks to the VPS server you will free yourself from hardware or "hardware" constraints (power supply, hard drive, etc.) and adapt your offer according to your needs . Virtualization notably allows you to take snapshots at certain key points (before an update for example) to restore your configuration to the identical in the event of a problem.
Think about the storage of your data: iKeepinCloud
Your site is growing, you want to have a copy of all the data in a safe place on a Cloud server which hosts, among other photos and videos, choose the formula adapted to your needs among 6 offers.
Rent your domain name with Ikoula
Is your domain name available? Take advantage of the advantageous prices that we offer you for the reservation of your domain name . So your hosting and domain name are managed by a single provider, in this case Ikoula.
How to install an FTP server?
The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server allows files to be transferred over the Internet or via a local computer network (intranet). Anyone with permission can download and send files to a remote computer running such a server. The default and most often used port is port 21. You access it by opening an FTP folder and entering your password. The FTP protocol allows you to: send files to another computer (upload) and download files from another computer (download) Thanks to these features, FTP servers are very useful for feeding a hosted website.     
    FTP access at Ikoula: several ways to use the FTP protocol. All Ikoula hosting packages contain, in addition to access to the Web server, at least FTP access, thus facilitating the management of your site. If you want to rent disk space on a dedicated server or Ikoula virtual server, you can have it, in all ranges of server. Note that the FTP service is also available on all our Windows or Linux web hosting. As file storage is very much linked to FTP, we have made available to you an online storage offer called IkeepinCloud which allows you to store all your files and documents thanks to the integrated multi-protocols. Definitions:     
  • The FTP client: this is the software you use to exchange files. Example with FileZilla.
  • The FTP server: it is a program which allows the exchange of files. It is installed on the server. Just as there are several FTP clients, there are several FTP servers: vsFTPd, ProFTPd, PureFTPd ...