Dedicated servers GPU 4070 & GPU 4070 Duo

Gaming, creative experiences, deep learning…
nothing will stop you from now on!

Enjoy the perfect combination of the speed provided by the Intel® Core™ i9-13900 processor and the power delivered by the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card, both combined in our new GPU server range featuring the GPU 4070 and GPU 4070 Duo servers!

  • GPU 4070

    Serveur dédiés GPU 4070


    exc. VAT/month
    • Intel® Core™ i9-13900
    • 24C / 32T @2.0Ghz (turbo 5.6Ghz)
    • 2 x 32 GB DDR5 ECC
    • 2 x 2 TB NVMe ECC
    • 1 x NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 - (calculation index 8.9)
    • 12 GB GDDR6X – 5888 cores
    • RAID software (0/1)
  • GPU 4070 Duo

    Serveur dédiés GPU 4070 DUO


    exc. VAT/month
    • Intel® Core™ i9-13900
    • 24C / 32T @2.0Ghz (turbo 5.6Ghz)
    • 4 x 32 GB DDR5 ECC
    • 2 x 2 TB NVMe ECC
    • 2 x NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 - (calculation index 8.9)
    • 12 GB GDDR6X – 5888 cores
    • RAID software (0/1)
Introducing the GPU 4070 dedicated servers

As for the processor, the GPU 4070 range is equipped with the Intel® Core™ i9-13900. This CPU will guarantee maximum fluidity and responsiveness in all the tasks you perform. High refresh rate, boosted frequency, hybrid architecture that adapts to needs thanks to load balancing managed between the 8 Performance cores and the 16 Efficient cores... so many specifications that make this processor a major asset, whatever use you make of it.

Combine that with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card... and Ikoula GPU 4070 servers will let you do just about anything!

Thanks to the RTX 4070, you can speed up your creativity, immerse yourself in realistic graphics and stream your videos or podcasts easily, with AI-optimized video and sound quality!

Based on NVIDIA Reflex technology, this graphics card guarantees minimum latency and optimum responsiveness, so you can enjoy even the most demanding games fully. The performance of the Intel® Core™ i9-13900 will also allow you to take full advantage of the great power of the GeForce RTX 4070 without suffering any limits or restrictions.

Why choose the new GPUs 4070?
Intel® Core™ i9

The combination of the Intel® Core™ i9-13900 processor and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card makes the new GPU 4070 and GPU 4070 Duo first choice allies in the world of gaming, graphics and video computing, 3D rendering or even machine learning and data mining.


TensorFlow tests carried out on Ikoula's old and new GPU ranges have highlighted the unequalled performance of the new GPU 4070 in the use of Artificial Intelligence or AI models, whether using a single (GPU 4070) or two graphics cards (GPU 4070 Duo). On average, the performance of the GPU 4070 in machine learning is 3 to more than 10 times better than the previous range, depending on the image processing model tested.


It's worth noting that the GPU 4070s are also equipped with a high-performance ventirad, at processor level, guaranteeing improved cooling and therefore optimum protection for your equipment, so you can get the most out of it.

Disc SSD

As for the disks, they are equipped with advanced Flash memory management functions, such as Error Correction Coding or ECC, ensuring greater system reliability and stability.

Bonus: the combined performance/energy consumption ratio of the i9-13900 and RTX 4070 makes the GPU 4070 range efficient and eco-responsible, with lower power consumption than previous generations.

GPU 4070 technical specifications

CPUIntel® Core™ i9-13900
Number of cores24
Number of threads32
Base frequency2 GHz (turbo 5.6Ghz)
RAM2 x 32 GB DDR5 ECC ou 4 x 32 GB DDR5 ECC
Storage2 x 2 TB SSD NVMe ECC
Graphics card1 or 2 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 12 GB GDDR6X/5888 cores
Connectivity1 Gbps
Availability rate99.95 %
IPv4 addresses1 1 included (up to 3 in option)

Graphics cardNVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070

The GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card offers maximum speed and performance for all gaming and creative fans. Featuring the latest cutting-edge NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU architecture, its new streaming multiprocessors give it up to 2 times the performance and energy efficiency of previous-generation models. Powered by AI, this graphics card will enable you to enjoy ultra-realistic and immersive graphics, flawless responsiveness and unequalled performance and reliability.

ArchitectureAda Lovelace
Multi-stream processors2 x FP32
NVIDIA Cuda cores5888
Standard memory12 GB GDDR6X

Services included with your GPU 4070 dedicated server
  • Technical support in France

    Our technical teams are based in France and available 365 days a year by email, telephone or ticket.

  • Rapid intervention

    Guaranteed technical intervention time (GTI) of one hour by telephone* and 24 hours by email* (*see conditions)

  • Dedicated and secure interfaces

    Dedicated, secure customer interfaces so you can easily monitor your billing, statistics, reports, etc.

  • Tested and certified components

    All hardware and components sold have been tested and approved by our experts.

  • Hardware warranty

    The equipment is guaranteed for the duration of the service.

  • Proactive intervention

    Our technical teams intervene as soon as a problem has been identified, even if you hadn't noticed it.