Dedicated server Power L

  • Processor

    1 CPU (6C/12T) @3.5GHz

    Intel® Xeon® E5 1650v2

  • RAID card

    RAID hardware

  • RAM

    96 GB DDR3

  • Bandwidth

    1 Gbit/s (Unlimited traffic)

  • Hard drive

    2x2 TB SATA 3

  • Availability


€74.99 exc.VAT/ Month

The dedicated server Power L server is part of the Power series, alongside the Power M and Power XL. This Power range, aimed at businesses, facilitates the storage of more critical services and their capacity corresponds to significant needs and large structures. This range of dedicated servers integrates a LSI 2308 RAID card which provides optimised data security thanks to a redundancy directly at the hardware level, and the KVM-over-IP is included as default.

The dedicated server Power L server offers a 6-core E5 1650v2 processor, integrating hyper-threading technology (12 threads), as well as 96 GB DDR3 of RAM. This allows it to boast increased performance and to respond to the most important requirements in terms of its processor compared to the Power M.

The services included with your dedicated server

  • 24/7 technical support in France

    Our technical teams are available to support you 24/24 and 7/7.

  • Response in less than an hour

    Technical intervention time guarantee (GTI) of one hour by telephone and 24 hours by email.

  • Dedicated and secure interfaces

    Dedicated and secure customer interfaces to allow you to easily track your invoices, statistics, reports, etc.

  • Tested and certified components

    All equipment and components sold have been tested and approved by our experts.

  • Hardware guarantee

    Hardware guaranteed for the duration of the service.

  • Proactive intervention

    Our technical teams intervene as soon as a problem has been identified, even when you have not noticed it.

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Technical specifications Intel® Xeon® E5 1650v2 server
Processorxeon Intel® Xeon® E5 1650v2
Number of cores6
Number of threads12
Base frequency3.50 GHz
Max. turbo frequency3.90 GHz
Cache12 MB SmartCache
Random access memory96 GB DDR3
Storage2x2 TB SATA 3
Connectivity1 Gbs
Availability rate99.95%
IPv4 address1 IPv4 address (up to 5 optional) options
Backup optionAcronis Cyber Protect Backup By IKOULAoptions

RAID Hardware Card

IKOULA integrates into the server a RAID card facilitating a RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 1E, or RAID 10 type hardware redundancy. A RAID 1 redundancy has been installed on IKOULA’s dedicated servers, securing the stored data.

The RAID 1 redundancy consists of mirroring the data on a second disk. The disks thus work in pairs and the information is written and read simultaneously on each pair. The information being stored identically on both disks, if one has a fault, the user can recover the data from the second disk. This perfect redundancy system allows you to feel assured regarding the security of your data in the case of failure.

Thanks to the RAID offered by IKOULA, the redundancy system is managed by a dedicated piece of hardware which provides comprehensive security of the operating system’s boot function and the RAID management has no impact on the server’s performance. On both Windows and Linux the administrator will benefit from dedicated software to monitor his or her RAID volume.

Advantages of a RAID hardware controller card compared to RAID software
  • Protection upon startup
    No negative impact on the availability of data if the startup read encounters errors or fails completely.

  • Performance independent of the server workload
    No impact on the performance of the application currently running on the host system.

  • RAID application independent of the host
    No problems with data integrity if the system freezes.

  • Improved protection in the case of a power cut
    The RAID hardware generally retains the log of current entries on non-volatile hardware while the RAID software cannot offer this protection, making it difficult to recover from a loss of power during an entry.

  • Not vulnerable to viruses
    The RAID volumes are completely independent of the host system and the operating system. No problems with data integrity arise if the host system files.

  • Dedicated visual software interface to support the RAID
    Easy maintenance of the RAID matrix thanks to a dedicated visual interface.

  • Easy to replace
    Should the disk crash, the RAID volume is easily maintainable by replacing the defective disk with a working disk.

Additional options Boost the features of your dedicated server

  • Plesk

    Plesk is the simple and convenient way to administer your web services. You can instantly configure your domain settings, manage your files, install an application, create a database, and much more. Plesk simplifies these tasks so that you can perform them without having a sophisticated knowledge of server commands. Find out more

    Plesk Web Admin – 10 domains €9.99 exc.VAT/month
    Plesk Web Pro – 30 domains €11.99 exc.VAT/month
    Plesk Web Host – unlimited domains €39.99 exc.VAT/month
    Plesk Developer Pack for Web Admin €9.99 exc.VAT/month
    Plesk Wordpress Toolkit for Web Admin €9.99 exc.VAT/month
    Plesk Premium Anti-Virus €31.99 exc.VAT/month
  • Acronis Cyber Protect Backup by IKOULA

    Acronis Cyber Protect Backup by IKOULA is an IT backup and security solution dedicated to businesses, reliable and easy to use.
    Adapting to any type of activity and any workload, this professional cloud backup solution provides optimal data protection, from the smallest file to the physical or virtual server, including all workstations and mobile devices Find out more

    50 GB of storage €9.99 exc.VAT/month
    100 GB of storage €19.99 exc.VAT/month
    250 GB of storage €49.99 exc.VAT/month
    500 GB of storage €99.99 exc.VAT/month
    1 TB of storage €199.98 exc.VAT/month

  • Windows Configuration

    By default, our servers come with the Linux operating system (CentOS 7, Debian 8 or Ubuntu 16.04).
    Some applications require a Windows operating system, which we also offer as an option.

    Windows Server 2008 R2
    Standard Edition 64 bit
    €39 exc.VAT/month/CPU
    Windows Server 2012 R2
    Standard Edition (Eligible for Plesk)
    €39 exc.VAT/month/CPU

  • Service levels

    Entrust the outsourcing of your infrastructures to Ikoula, professionals in the sector who understand the complexity of infrastructure management and the issues such as security rules, data volume, environmental requirements and budget optimisation. Find out more

    Liberty: Service level included with all Ikoula productsIncluded
    Prime: Leave supervision and monitoring to our experts. €79 exc.VAT/month
    Business: Personalisation of intervention and monitoring procedures. €249 exc.VAT/month
    First: Full support for your machines. €499 exc.VAT/month

  • KVM over IP

    KVM over IP allows you to access your server's screen, keyboard and mouse, even when disconnected.

    KVM over IP€29 exc.VAT/month

  • IP Addresses

    You can add up to 5 additional IP addresses to your server.

    1 Supplementary IP address€2.50 exc.VAT/month

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