How to install BigBlueButton?

BigBlueButton is a videoconferencing platform under a free license (developed for distance training) created in 2007. This platform originates from a need for distance training. Indeed, this need has increased in recent years and is experiencing an even more spectacular development due to the health crisis. It is now recommended by the French government to all educational establishments and public administrations wishing to organize safe and optimized video conferences. Many entities are already using it as universities or schools.
  • Operating system: Linux

BigBlueButton Much more than just a video interface

BigBlueButton not only allows voice and video image sharing, but also offers the possibility of giving presentations with or without a whiteboard, using chat tools, both public and private, and sharing information. screen or resort to office documents. Very easy to use, its name derives from the need that motivated the development of this solution. Indeed, the founders wanted to offer an extremely simple solution, which would only require clicking on a "Big blue button" to start a videoconference.

An interface with multiple functionalities

The screen is divided into 3 distinct columns:

  • • The first column shows the list of all participants, with the list of conversations in progress.
  • • The second column displays the chat area. This space is devoted to writing public or private messages.
  • • The third column contains the video space. This video space includes the screen of participants who have activated their camera and the presentation screen that can display the slides controlled by the presenter.

An interactive interface

This platform is dedicated to exchange between participants. The participants can either be simple users, - in this case they can write a message in the chat, activate, and mute their camera and microphone or “raise their hands” - or be the moderators (presenters in most cases), and in addition to having access to the same features, mute a user or give control of the presentation to someone else. They can also launch a poll into the conversation.

In addition, each participant can record the presentation if they wish to.

BigBlueButton Moodle

Moodle is one of the most popular learning platforms on the market. The solution is free, and has been developed on proven teaching principles. Today, this platform is widely used in many educational and training establishments. BigBlueButton can easily be used with Moodle thanks to the plugin provided for this purpose (moddle big blue button plugin).

BigBlueButton in Europe

In France, BigBlueButton has been recommended by the French government (via the Interministerial Directorate of Digital) since May 2020. Administrations are therefore advised to install big blue button. The solution is also recommended for schools and universities which can very simply host virtual BigBlueButton classes.

Simple, reliable, and secure, and above all hosted in France, the BigBlueButton application can be installed on a VM or a dedicated server using the "OneClick" process and be operational in less than 3 minutes: the perfect application for providing training in distance.