Create a website with IKOULA, it’s easy!

Creating a website is not as complicated as you might think. You merely need to pay attention and know how to choose the components that will make up the website you want.

Here are 5 simple steps to follow when creating your greatest asset, a good website worthy of the name.

The steps you need to know

To start, you need to reserve a domain name and select the server for the web hosting solution you want to use for your site. Then you need to decide if you are going to use a CMS for your website, configure it, and, finally, publish the pages.

  1. Domain name reservation: You need to be extremely meticulous during this first step as this will reflect your image on the web. This will be how web users will know which sector you are active in and what your brand or trademark is. In addition to this, you have to choose the extension that best matches your purposes. To these ends, several types of extension are available to you. You can choose to use popular extensions such as “.com”, “.net”, and “.org” etc., or even decide to use local extensions, namely: “.fr”, “.be”, and “.ch”, etc. Should you want to create a platform that is truly different in order to mark yourself out from the crowd, you have the option of personalising your extensions by using endings such as, for example, “.shop”, “.blog”, and “.xyz”, etc. Let’s remember that this first phase is important, and so you must take the time to see if what you want is still available. We invite you to use our tool to find a domain name here.

  2. The choice of web hosting: This step consists of choosing the medium that best matches the display of your website. Choosing the right web server gives you the guarantee of having an online website without any delays. Based on the storage, the number of websites to be created, and the number of web users expected, IKOULA can make you advantageous offers on different shared servers, VPS or dedicated servers that will be highly profitable for you.

  3. The choice of the CMS module: the CMS (Content Management System) enables you to create the perfect website thanks to an interface that is easy to use. Opting for a CMS will give you certain advantages, such as: the easy creation of pages on which you can draft articles or which you can turn into home pages, the creation of the website without having to program in one language or another, or even website creation with the integration of query forms. Another advantage of the CMS is that you will be given advice by experts in the area in order to improve your site and this will reinforce your standing in the different search engines. The CMS most commonly used today are Wordpress, for the creation of a website or blog, and Prestashop, for the creation of an e-commerce site.
  4. Site configuration: This process will allow you to choose the type of website you require. You can decide to have it in the form of a blog in order to run a photo journal on it thanks to a CMS such as WordPress. This will allow you to be creative with your content, without the need of specific skills. If your site is an online sales site, you can configure it using PrestaShop, creating your online shops and managing your product catalogues. The customer support and security updated represent a more than significant advantage of CMS solutions.
  5. Webpage publication: At this point, everything has already been done. You just have to connect to your site using the login details you will be given, and your adventure on the web can begin!

With IKOULA, you can offer the best website thanks to the different advantages and offers we can provide you.
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