How do you host a website?

There are several types of website (showcase site, blog, institutional site, exchange platform...) and there are many possible hosting solutions. It is not always easy to choose the solution that best suits your needs. Ikoula's wide range of products meets most of these needs.

The advantages of Ikoula hosting solutions

Customer service

Ikoula does everything possible to support its customers and ensure they have best possible hosting experience. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and technicians are ready to intervene in less than an hour. Moreover, Ikoula's teams intervene as soon as a problem has been identified, even when you have not noticed it.

Managed operations

To help you manage your infrastructure, Ikoula offers outsourcing services that eliminate the need for a network system administrator. By subscribing to these outsourcing offers, you can entrust Ikoula with the supervision of your servers and customise the intervention procedures. At Platinum level, Ikoula takes care of the entire administration of your infrastructure, and you only have to manage your site without worrying about its hosting.

Hosted in France

It is sometimes important, especially in the case of institutional sites, to host your site on French or European territory. Ikoula complies with these obligations since it owns its own Data Centres in France (Champagne-Ardenne and Hauts-de-France).

Choosing the right hosting solutionThe choice of the solution to host your website does not depend on the type of website but, above all, on the traffic expected on the site. Ikoula offers several solutions that adapt to different sizes of site but also to different user levels: WordPress hosting, , shared hosting and CloudIkoulaOne.

Shared hosting
IKL WordPress is the solution with WordPress preinstalled, but it is also possible to opt for shared hosting without this option. Ikoula offers several products that correspond to different needs, and are available under Linux and Windows OS. These shared hosting solutions meet smaller needs while allowing you to install the applications you want yourself such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla...
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CloudIkoulaOne is a custom solution that is constantly adapted to your needs. It can manage both a single machine and complex infrastructures involving networks of multiple virtual machines. This flexibility will allow you a temporary scalability of your platform (example: a special event in your sector of activity) or permanent scalability (example: in case of growth of your popularity). A genuine all-in-one product, CloudIkoulaOne integrates by default features such as Firewall, VPN and Load Balancing security features which you will need to guarantee the resilience of your online store, all with simplified management.
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Remember to reserve your domain name

It is sometimes very difficult to find the best name for your website. The situation can become very frustrating when the ideal domain name is no longer available. Remember to reserve your domain name now to ensure its availability. Ikoula's shared hosting offers include a domain name by default, but this is not the case for other types of hosting (CloudIkoulaOne for example). In those cases you need to purchase a domain name which is essential for you to create your Internet site.

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